Woman Who Had Abortion Mocks Her Unborn Baby: He Was Just a “Mutant Goldfish”

National   |   Sarah Terzo   |   Feb 20, 2015   |   1:09PM   |   Washington, DC

A young woman wrote a blog about her abortion by pill. She was at her friend’s house when she took the abortion pill and began bleeding was asked by her friend if, after she aborted the baby, his apartment would be haunted. She said:

” if it does turn into a ghost, it won’t be a very intimidating ghost.

She put the following picture  on her blog. This is what she acknowledges her baby looked like at the time she took the pill. The baby is about 1/3 of an inch, the size of a grain of rice. Development of the arms and legs continue although the fingers and toes haven’t yet formed. The brain is growing as well as the lenses of the eyes, nostrils, intestines, pancreas and bronchi. She said:

i think it would be much scarier if the embryo joined the mutant goldfish from family guy in the sewers. much scarier.”

After she passed some product of the abortion she could not recognize, perhaps the gestational sac with the aborted baby:

yeah i have no fucking clue what that is. i imagine it’s a blood clot of sorts. i’m just glad it came out before my [followup] ultrasound, because that would have been a little awkward.

“i can’t see anything, let me check for obstructions. :peruses vagina: well. this is nice. would you like me to wrap it up for you?”

this is the closest thing to keeping the fetus we could have come, and i apologize to all of those that wanted a souvenir. i didn’t have a jar of formaldehyde readily available otherwise i would have definitely saved it. however, i didn’t flush it down the toilet! it’s wrapped in tissue in the bathroom garbage bin and you are more than welcome to retrieve it.

Her blog, Former Fetus, can be found on LiveJournal here. 




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