Pro-Life Bill Exposes How Abortion Clinics Flush Aborted Babies Down Sewers

State   |   Cortney O'Brien   |   Feb 19, 2015   |   1:54PM   |   Indianapolis, IN

Babies are not trash. Yet, if you took one step into facilities such as the Indianapolis Planned Parenthood, you’d see how thoughtlessly aborted children were treated once the deed was done.

This is a direct quote from Marianne Anderson, a former Planned Parenthood nurse. Her testimony is frightening and – I must warn you – graphic:

“I saw other doctors come into the products of conception room with the dirty instruments in one hand and a jar in the other. In that jar were the pieces of the baby’s body. He would take the contents of that jar, pour it into a big strainer, sift through it to make sure all the parts were there, and then pour it down the drain into the sewer system without treating it in any way.”

Anderson is one of several witnesses who took the stand at a hearing Wednesday in Indiana ahead of a vote on Senate Bill 329, the Fetal Remains Bill. This legislation would help to prevent the type of inhumane disposal the nurse described. After listening to her comments, along with several other abortion clinic workers and post-abortive women, the senators voted in favor of the bill, with a tally of 9-2.

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From Indiana Right to Life:

Today a bill regarding the disposal of aborted fetal remains passed the Indiana Senate Health and Provider Services Committee. Senate Bill 329, authored by Sens. Liz Brown (District 15) and Amanda Banks (District 17), requires the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) to adopt clear rules for how abortion facilities shall dispose of fetal remains. The bill also provides that a pregnant woman shall determine the final deposition of the fetal remains.

The pro-life organization was following and live tweeting the hearing as it unfolded. It appeared that at one point an abortion worker claimed she saw babies being treated like trash:

Perhaps just as unsettling, were the arguments the other side was trying to make. Here was one shameful suggestion from the Jewish Community Relations Council, which blatantly ignored all science tells us about conception:


One more excerpt from former Planned Parenthood nurse Anderson’s testimony is worth sharing. Again, I apologize for the graphic nature, but it offers a glimpse of just how desensitized abortionists have become to the tiny lives they are ending.

“I often heard one doctor talk to the aborted baby while looking for all the parts. It is a customary procedure to make certain there are no baby body parts left inside the mother. He would say ‘Come on, little arm, I know you’re here! Now you stop hiding from me!’ It just made me sick to my stomach.”

Mine too.

Hopefully this bill helps to restore some humanity to our most helpless.

Senate Bill 334 also passed the Indiana Senate Health and Provider Services Committee. This legislation would prohibit gender and disability abortions, forbidding a mother to abort her child because of its sex or because it was diagnosed with a disability such as Down syndrome.

Both bills need to pass the Senate to advance.

LifeNews Note: Cortney O’Brien is a Townhall web editor, where this was originally published.