Students Raise Money for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz With Anonymous “Condomgrams”

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Feb 13, 2015   |   4:05PM   |   New York, NY

Apparently around Valentines Day, Planned Parenthood in New York sells condoms with candy at Columbia University and calls their volunteers,  “condomgram fairies.” Students can purchase the condomgrams for $2 and have them delivered anywhere on campus.

Melissa Quintana, a junior at Columbia and a member of the student Democrats, said the condomgrams could even be send to TA’s anonymously.  She said, “Basically we get a condom, a blow-pop, extremely suggestive as it sounds, and miscellaneous candies and we make a Valentine-gram out of them and we deliver them on Valentine’s Day.”

In an interview with Campus Reform she shared more about their fundraising efforts: “Basically we get a condom, a blow-pop, extremely suggestive as it sounds, and miscellaneous candies and we make a Valentine-gram out of them and we deliver them on Valentine’s Day. And all proceeds, like everything that we make we put forth the money for materials, we donate it to Planned Parenthood, which we think is a fantastic cause that not only promotes just access to health care in general for women and men, but just reproductive justice in general which we think is an amazing cause and something that we believe in really heavily as well.”

On Wednesday, the College Democrats were tabling in a student center and encouraged students to include a “fun, activist pick-up line” with their condomgrams, such as “hey girl, how about this Valentine’s I make you a sandwich,” or “together we can be the 100 percent.”

Additionally, the students pass out literature and information on Planned Parenthood, especially in regards to the abortion giant’s push for mandatory sexual education for students K-12. “It’s a really cool initiative that Planned Parenthood is doing and we’re encouraging people with a cool photo campaign,” said Quintana.

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She concluded, “We make a few hundred dollars every year, and it’s a great cause, and so we’re really excited to be a part of it. People love selling them, buying them, delivering them is a lot of fun and all sorts of awkward in the hallway, but they’re condomgram fairies.”


As LifeNews previously reported, parents of children at a San Francisco high school were outraged because Planned Parenthood employees are teaching their kids in public school about sex. The students, 13- and 14- year olds, are being taught by the abortion business without their parents’ consent or even prior knowledge.

According to Fox News, the students were handed worksheets that include a checklist titled, “Sex Check! Are You Ready For Sex?” Unbelievably, the worksheet asks the students if they have water-based lubricants and condoms; and of course on their materials the abortion giant inquires if the children know how to handle a possible venereal infection or pregnancy.

The document also explains how a boy should ask his partner for consent for sex. It states, “Do you want to go back to my place?” and “Is it OK if I take my pants off?” However, that’s not all— the school is teaching these children about gender identity in a very creative way. The kids were shown a “Genderbread Person”, which shows them how to identify themselves as either “bigender,” ” agender” or “two spirited.”

Thankfully, the Pacific Justice Institute, a legal group that defends faith, family, parental rights and other civil liberties, has warned Northern California’s Acalanes Union High School District in a letter that they may be breaking the law. In California, there are federal statutes that require schools to receive parental consent prior to taking part in surveys or evaluations. They said in a statement, “We have not seen any documentation to indicate that distribution of the surveys complied with federal law of the California Education Code as to parental notification.”