Pharmacists Forced to Pay Legal Bill After Activists Tried to Make Them to Sell Abortion Pills

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 13, 2015   |   12:50PM   |   Washington, DC

A pro-life family that runs pharmacies in Washington State won their legal battle after abortion activists attempted to force them to sell pills that may cause abortions.

Now, that family is stuck paying the abortion activists’ $140,000 legal bill. Alliance Defending Freedom, the pro-life legal group that represented the family in the case, explains what’s happened. and is helping the family fundraise to defray those expenses:

The Stormans Family needs your help

For decades, pharmacists have referred patients for an almost unlimited variety of reasons including religious objections. In 2007, abortion activists convinced the Washington Board of Pharmacy to pass regulations that in practice allow pharmacies to continue referring patients for business and convenience reasons, but ban religiously-motivated referrals for drugs that cause early-stage abortion.

This caused a major dilemma for the Stormans family, owners of a third-generation pharmacy. Their religious convictions prevented them from selling drugs that destroy innocent human life. Yet the State insisted they do so. Activists soon began test shopping the store and filing complaints. Kevin Stormans, vice president, faced a hard choice: violate the family’s religious convictions by doing what the state demanded or do what he knew was right and risk losing the family’s business and livelihood.


 He chose to do what was right.

After the state launched an investigation, the Stormans family filed a lawsuit against the state for violating their First Amendment rights.

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Despite winning a 12-day trial, seven years later Kevin and his family are still paying the price. Not only did the state and activists appeal, but due to an unprecedented Ninth Circuit ruling, the Stormans must pay over $140,000 for documents related to their opponents’ role in drafting the regulations and targeting religious objectors.  This is a substantial financial hardship on the Stormans.

Kevin and his family have given years of their lives to fighting these rules and standing up for religious freedom in America. This is our chance to do something for them in return.

The Stormans have a limited time to pay off this $140,000.00. They need your help.

Thank you for being willing to support a family who just wants to do what’s right.

Click here to support this valiant pro-life family.