Abortionist Who Sexually Abused 60 Women During Abortions Loses Appeal

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Feb 13, 2015   |   6:23PM   |   Phoenix, AZ

In December 2003, an abortionist who performed approximately 20% of all abortions in Arizona was found guilty of 24 counts of sexual abuse. During his trial, 60 women said that abortionist, Brian Finkel, inappropriately touched them and, in some cases, their sexual organs, during abortions and examinations. However, Finkel claimed he did nothing wrong and that the touching of women’s breasts and private parts were part of standard exams. A South Dakota abortion practitioner disputed his claim.

As LifeNews previously reported, Finkel’s attorney Richard Gierloff also claimed that police had put ideas the heads of the victim by asking them questions with specifics when they did not remember exactly what had happened. Gierloff said testimony during the trial from several women didn’t match the original description of the allegations given to police.

President of Arizona Right to Life, Jack Jakubczyk, commented on the case after the verdict was read. He said. “Brian Finkel represented the abortion industry at its finest. Abortionists are by their nature involved in a loathsome act, the taking of human life, and what is most horrible is that they get paid to kill babies.

The abortion industry is a multi-million dollar industry. It was his total lack of regard for the women that was his downfall. At last, there has been vindication for those women who are victimized by this predator. Those in the pro-life movement who knew of his dark side have often concerned themselves with not just the fate of the unborn child but also with that of the woman.


He concluded, “First he knew he was killing babies. He did not care. In that respect he was almost pathological. Second, he did not like women · or should I say, he viewed women as objects to provide him with financial and other forms of satisfaction.

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Additionally, Finkle was known in the pro-abortion community as an advocate for women’s rights and health. He even wore a gun to protect himself from pro-life violence. In fact, he owned a 30-weapon arsenal, including semiautomatics; although most people believed he wore a gun to draw attention to abortion-related violence and make a name for himself. Jakubczyk said, “He would strap on the pistol to the delight of some of the women reporters. He was in his mind their champion · so long as he got what he wanted.”

Now Finkle is servicing a decades-long prison sentence (35-years) and an Arizona court recently rejected Finkle’s appeal. According to ABC News, the Court of Appeals on Thursday denied the petition filed by Brian Finkel, saying he couldn’t now raise issues that he hadn’t raised earlier in the appeals process.