Moments After Birth These Twins Nearly Died, Months Later They’re Finally Going Home

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Feb 11, 2015   |   1:04PM   |   London, England

In the United Kingdom, premature twins who were resuscitated moments after being born are now well enough to go home. According to the Daily Mail, Jack and Erin Steabler were born at 30-weeks and suffered heart and lung problems, as well as a bleed to the brain.

Their parents, Mark and Hayley Steabler, were terrified when their twins were born at Tyneside District Hospital and 11 doctors had to immediately provide emergency care. Everything went as planned during Haley’s pregnancy and they were thrilled when her 20-week scan revealed that they were having twins.

However, their excitement turned into panic when they were born with breathing problems. Additionally, their weight was extremely low; Jack was born weighing a tiny 3lbs 5oz and Erin 2Ibs 5oz.


Mark said, “They had hoped to transfer us to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, but there was no time and she underwent an emergency Caesarean Section. They brought in a team of medics from the RVI. There were about 10 or 11 of them all in theatre with us ready to help I remember seeing doctors just working on Jack, trying to get him breathing again, and I just felt terrified. We didn’t know what was going to happen to either of them, and that’s the worst feeling in the world.”

Mark continued, “Hayley and I didn’t know what was going to happen. Because they were so small we knew they would have problems breathing by themselves. We’d had no sleep and were shattered.” Thankfully, both infants were put on ventilators and transferred to the University Hospital of North Tees where they spent the next two months in special care.

Amazingly, the twins are now four months old and are slowly recovering. Mark concluded, “Jack does have a heart murmur which means he will need an operation in the future. He also has to have some scans this week to keep a check on any concerns about blood on the brain. Erin is on a feeding machine 24 hours a day at the minute. Obviously the last few months have been a lot of work for us. Because there are two of them, it’s double the worry.”


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Since the twin’s birth, Mark has taken extra time off work and Haley is still on maternity leave. To show their gratitude to the medical staff that cared for their children, Mark and Hailey are taking part in the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in a bid to raise money for the RVI’s Tiny Lives appeal. Tiny Lives is a charitable trust that helps to care for 800+ premature and sick newborn babies and their families each year.

On their fundraising page they wrote: “The level of care and attention they received from the doctors and nurses was second to none and after 72 days (Erin) and 81 days (Jack) they came home and are doing well. To show our appreciation and gratitude and so that other families can benefit from the same level of care and support in the future myself, David Hall, Matthew Cummings, Dean Widdows, Kelly Weedy, Anne Meehan and Amy Cooke are looking to raise as much money as we can for Tiny Lives by doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge on the 18th April 2015.”