Poll: More Americans Fed Up With Abortion on Demand Up to Birth Than Ever Before

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 9, 2015   |   3:03PM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life movement is winning and nowhere is that seen more starkly than in polling data showing Americans strongly oppose abortion on demand.

A new Gallup poll out today shows more Americans are fed up with abortion on demand in most of the nation for any reason up to birth than ever before. The poll shows that, dating back to 2001, the fewest number of Americans are satisfied with America’s abortion laws which, currently, allow for virtually unlimited abortions in most states.

“In 2015, 34% of Americans say they are satisfied with current U.S. abortion policies. This is the lowest percentage since Gallup first asked the question in 2001,” Gallup noted.


The numbers show a sharp dropoff after President Barack Obama’s election — as he has racked up a lengthy pro-abortion record during his tenure in office by pushing abortion and abortion funding at every turn.

“In three of four years since 2012, less than 40% of Americans have been satisfied. Yet between 2001 and 2008, at least 40% were satisfied every year. Gallup asks Americans about their satisfaction with the nation’s policies regarding abortion as part of the annual Mood of the Nation Poll, conducted in January. The poll was not conducted from 2009-2011. Between 2001 and 2008, an average of 43% of Americans were satisfied with U.S. abortion policies; since 2012, the average has been 39%,” Gallup said.


“One factor contributing to the drop in satisfaction with abortion policies is significantly lower satisfaction among Republicans since 2012. From January 2001 to January 2008, after the election of Republican George W. Bush and spanning most of his two terms, at least 39% of Republicans each year said they were satisfied with the nation’s abortion policies. Satisfaction among Republicans reached as high as 44% in January 2002, Bush’s first year in office. However, since 2012, with Democratic President Barack Obama in office, no more than 29% of Republicans have been satisfied with the nation’s abortion policies. And Republicans’ satisfaction is particularly low this year, at 21%, an eight-percentage-point decline from a year ago,” it added.

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And Gallup found that Americans aren’t dissatisfied because they want more abortions and fewer pro-life laws.

“Americans who say they are dissatisfied with current abortion policies were asked a follow-up question to learn if they are dissatisfied because they want current abortion laws to be stricter or less strict. This year, of those who are dissatisfied, twice as many prefer stricter rather than less strict laws: 24% want stricter laws, while 12% want current abortion laws to be less strict,” it noted.

In response, Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) President Marjorie Dannenfelser called on Congress to advance the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, modest legislation to protect babies after five months of pregnancy.

She told LifeNews.com: “This latest Gallup poll echoes the 2014 midterm election results and the clear mandate given to the Republican Congress to pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would stop abortions after five months. Americans are eager to see the United States removed from the list of only seven countries to allow abortion on-demand past the point at which the child can feel excruciating pain. We urge the House Republican Leadership to move forward with a vote on this compassionate, sensible legislation so that Senator Lindsey Graham can advance the companion bill in the Senate. We will continue to work with both chambers to ensure the maximum number of votes.”

“This is an issue that unites Republican grassroots activists and potential 2016 candidates,” continued Dannenfelser, “while also enjoying the support of a majority of women, independents, and young people. Close to a majority of Democrats also support protecting life more than halfway through pregnancy.”

A recent survey found 84% of Americans want late-term abortions banned.