I Am Not The Rapist’s Baby, I’m Just a Person Who’s Glad I Wasn’t Aborted

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 29, 2015   |   4:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Mary Rathke has an amazing story. She was conceived in rape, which means she’s fortunate just to be alive.

With a society that thinks abortion is perfectly fine in cases of rape or incest — after all, who wants to carry the baby of a rapist – most people forget that the debate over abortion in such “hard cases” is a debate that includes someone else other than the mother who was tragically victimized by rape. That someone else in this case is Mary.

“My mother was raped; many would say I am the rapist’s baby.  Those mothers who have been raped will quickly say their child is their baby, not the rapist’s.  In my case, I was never the rapist’s baby, nor my mother’s,” Mary says, putting things in perspective.

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Mary adds: “When you hear that you’re conceived in rape, you think this is an accident—this is something that wasn’t meant to be. A lot of times people say we need to abort children who’ve been conceived in rape because it’s the rapist baby. I think about me now when I hear those stories. I wouldn’t be here. That all the lives that I have affected would be different. For what my birth mother had to endure has given us a life.”

Here’s her tremendous story: