Chicago Planned Parenthood Celebrates Abortion at Roe v. Wade Party, Says “We Killed It!”

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jan 28, 2015   |   6:02PM   |   Chicago, IL

On the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood of Illinois celebrated legalized abortion by holding a fundraiser in Chicago. Ironically, during the event they posted a photo on Facebook with a caption that read, “We Killed It!”

Unfortunately, their statement is correct; in fact, in 2013 they killed 327,653 babies in abortions.


However, despite their abortion celebration in Illinois, Planned Parenthood wasn’t too thrilled back in 2013 when their Chicago affiliate was sued when a woman named Tonya Reeves died from a 2nd trimester abortion. After the tragedy, Dorsey Johns, Reaves’ mother, told a local CBS television station that Planned Parenthood staff “carelessly performed” the elective abortion and “failed to properly monitor and assess her daughter’s condition after the procedure, according to the suit filed in Cook County Circuit Court.”

As CBS indicates, “The suit further claims the clinic did not do enough to stop Reaves’ bleeding, and that staff members failed to adequately warn an on-call doctor about the potentially life-threatening condition.” As a result, the abortion giant had to pay a $2 million settlement to the family because of their part in her death. It is likely Reaves would have survived if she would have received immediate emergency care and if Planned Parenthood had shared medical information with the hospital related to her incomplete abortion and uterine perforation.

As LifeNews previously reported, according to Planned Parenthood’s 2013-2014 annual report the “non-profit” ranked in $305.4 million; and received over a half-billion dollars in taxpayer money, as it took in $540 million in 2012 and $528 million in 2013.

The vice president of American Life League, Jim Sedlak, commented on the new figures. He said, “Despite this lack of increase in its primary business, Planned Parenthood continued to receive over a half-billion dollars in taxpayer money.” Sedlak added. “It has such a tremendous publicity machine that it convinced corporate and private donors to increase donations by more than $75 million (from $315.4 million to $391.8 million).”

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Furthermore, although Planned Parenthood brags about their adoption services to pregnant women, their adoption referrals dropped 14% in just one year. This is one of the reasons why it’s alarming that The Cradle, an adoption agency in Illinois, has partnered with their Illinois affiliate. Please contact them today

and tell them that you do not support their partnership with an abortion business that’s responsible for the death of millions of babies, as well as the suffering of countless women.

You can contact their main office by calling 847-475-5800 or send them a message by clicking here.