Time-Lapse Video Allows Couple to See Their Baby Three Days After Conception

Bioethics   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jan 27, 2015   |   10:37AM   |   London, England

In May 2014, Laura and Richard Lawrence welcomed their daughter, Matilda, into the world. However, before they met her, they were able to see her through EmbryoScope technology, which produced a record in pictures and videos of the very beginning of her life. matilda

According to the Cleveland clinic, this technique allows embryo cell division to be viewed on a monitor in real time for babies created through in-vitro fertilization.

Unbelievably, the couple viewed the first picture of Matilda three days after conception. Laura struggled with infertility for two years due to severe endometriosis and ovarian cysts but received the technology as part of an IVF treatment at the Hewitt Fertility Centre in Knutsford, Cheshire. Although IVF is highly controversial in the pro-life community, the technology details the remarkable growth that occurs between conception and birth.

According to the Daily Mail, Laura only had a 23 percent chance of having a baby, which is why they believe their daughter is an absolute miracle.

Laura said, “She is my absolute miracle. Looking at that picture, you can’t believe that blob swimming around would turn into a beautiful girl. Very few people can see that sort of image, so early on, but it gives you that extra little bit of confidence. It was so exciting but nerve-wracking at the same time. You are just hoping it is going to work.” Richard added, “I cannot believe I have this little girl who is so full of life. I look at my beautiful girl and I just think I’m the luckiest person.”

View the amazing picture of Matilda and watch the video below to learn more about EmbryoScope technology.


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