Hey Pro-Choice Activists: One Last Time, Abortion is a About a Baby

Opinion   |   Brian Fisher   |   Jan 26, 2015   |   3:48PM   |   Washington, DC

The abortion industry has recently employed a new marketing strategy in an attempt to continue to mislead and confuse the American public. Having abandoned the “pro-choice” tactics that dominated the mainstream media for the last 30+ years, they are now taking a more direct, more insidious approach.

They want to normalize abortion in order to make it mainstream. They want to remove the negative stigma through “positive” stories from post-abortive women, making you feel insensitive and outdated if you don’t accept their experiences as morally righteous and valid. They will continue to pound the American public with phrases such as “women’s reproductive freedom,” “women’s health and safety,” and “the war on women” until you and I begin to think abortion is a foundational American right.

NPR recently published an article describing the ongoing legal battle over HB2, Texas’ legislation that, in part, banned abortion after 20 weeks and requires abortion clinics to behave like legitimate medical facilities. Pro-life advocates in Texas maintain this legislation promotes women’s safety; the pro-abortion contingent disagrees:

baby52Nancy Northup with the Center for Reproductive Rights — a group that’s challenging the Texas law and others like it — says…“These laws pretend they’re about health and safety; they’re meant to confuse the public about that.”

She says studies find far less than 1 percent of abortions involve major complications and that the procedure is much safer than, say, delivering a baby. Northup says these laws are really about taking away access to abortion.

Abortion is safer than delivering a baby? Is she serious? During a normal delivery, a human being is brought into the world to continue living, whereas a human being is killed during an abortion and delivered dead. I’m pretty sure being ripped limb from limb or being burned alive in the womb is far less safe than being delivered alive.

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An article posted on the Care2 website called 2014 “The Year of the Abortion Story.” The authors wrote,

The abortion war has often failed to acknowledge the real lived emotional experience of people who have abortions, whether they feel relief, guilt, sadness, renewal — a combination, or anything beyond. These stories have been ignored or co-opted for political gain, and slogans have too often glossed over wellbeing and the gray area of lived experience.

Did you catch the creative marketing and persuasive language in that paragraph? Because post-abortive people had a “real lived emotional experience, “ they are validated in their abortion decision. It’s their personal, heartfelt situation, and we should accept and approve of their actions. Plus, the abortion decision is complex and now resides in the “gray area of lived experience.”

So killing an innocent human being is now a gray area in American life.

Abortion is primarily about the lives of the unborn. Abortion is the unjust, brutal, and violent killing of voiceless, innocent, and very small human beings. It is the greatest manifestation of evil in America. In fact, the leading cause of death in America is parents killing their helpless children — to the tune of approximately 1.2 million abortions a year — in large part just to avoid the inconvenience of parenthood.

Even segments of the pro-life movement have steered away from focusing on the baby in order to talk about women’s health and safety. It’s largely a political, strategic move to appeal to a broader base of Americans in light of the abortion industry’s marketing schemes.

In our current cultural climate, if you don’t jump on that bandwagon and make sure everyone knows you are most, if not only, concerned about women’s health, you are painted as uncompassionate, a chauvinist, or oppressive. I get it. And I certainly support legislation and campaigns that promote women’s health and safety.

Yet here’s my concern: If we focus only on women’s health, women’s rights, and women’s medical care, we run the risk of forgetting that abortion is primarily about the death of a baby. In America we ALWAYS focus our compassion and efforts on the victims. Appropriately, we want to wrap our arms around the rape victim, we send money to Red Cross to support victims of natural disasters, we rescue children who are victims of abuse.

But is the woman the only, or really even the primary, victim of abortion? Of course not. She (normally) doesn’t lose her life as a result. No, the primary victim of abortion is the baby who is brutally killed.

Women are often victims, of course. Women who are coerced or forced to abort require our compassion, grace, and tangible help. But women aren’t drawn and quartered and then thrown into a trash bin after an abortion.

So who deserves the main focus of our compassion? Is it the 24-year-old woman who aborts because she “just isn’t ready to be a parent”? Or is it the baby tucked safely inside her womb who is then heinously destroyed and not even given a proper funeral or burial?

Be very, very wary of the abortion industry’s latest marketing schemes. Abortion is about the willful killing of a baby. THAT is the fact we need to continue to drive home into the hearts and minds of the American people. If we don’t, we’ll get four more decades of myths, lies, and deception, and the blood of millions more dead babies will be on all of our hands.

LifeNews Note: Author, speaker, and business leader Brian Fisher is the President and Co-Founder of Online for Life, a transparent, metric-oriented, compassion-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to helping rescue babies and their families from abortion through technology and grace.