Doctors Wanted to Abort Baby With Trisomy 18, He’s Now Three-Years-Old

National   |   Life Dynamics   |   Jan 26, 2015   |   1:47PM   |   Washington, DC

Women who are pregnant with babies diagnosed with fetal anomalies are often pressured into having an abortion, but another story has emerged of a mother who refused and a baby who defied the odds.

According to a GoFund Me page, Nathan Ghinn-Morris was born with a condition called Trisomy 18 (Edward’s Syndrome) a serious genetic condition where babies are highly unlikely to even reach birth.


Nathan was also diagnosed with deletion 11q (Jacobsen Syndrome) an extremely rare condition associated with heart defects and prolonged bleeding.

Nathan is the only child in the world known to have both conditions, according to a UK news outlet. His prognosis was poor and doctors suggested that his mother have an abortion. Nathan defied the odds and proved the doctors wrong and has recently celebrated his third birthday.


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Nathan’s mum, Sadie Ghinn-Morris told the Crawley News in the UK, “We were told of Nathan’s diagnosis when I was 32 weeks pregnant. Up until then every scan had been normal and the pregnancy was absolutely fine.

Then all of a sudden we were told there was no hope. We were told Nathan would not survive and given the suggestion to terminate.

“Doctors said they had never encountered a diagnosis of both Edwards’ and Jacobsen syndromes and this meant they could only presume theNathan Edwards Sundrome lives to three 2788.3567_app two genetic disorders would multiply the severity of the condition and make it 100 times worse”.

Due to the seriousness and complexity of the conditions Nathan was born with, the hospital remained on high alert and at just six days old he required a life-saving heart operation.

Mrs Ghinn-Morris, added: “Without that surgery there is no way Nathan would have made it to day seven.”

Nathan’s story is rare, because sadly, many babies diagnosed with these type of conditions are not even offered normal medical treatment.

In fact, on the February 2015, Life Talk TV show, the panel interviews the mother of a child diagnosed with with TGuest Simon IMG_0441risomy 18. She will tell the viewers how the medical profession called her beautiful Simon, “incompatible with life,” and how they would not medically treat him the same as other children.

Watch the show here:

This week, Nathan’s grateful mother posted this on her Facebook page, “The word miracle is used way to often these days… but we actually had a true God given, no other explanation for it, miracle!

Read more on Nathan’s story here.

Nathan’s family has many medical bills due to his ongoing care. Interested persons can donate at Nathan’s GoFund Me page.