Miracle Baby Survived Premature Birth at 24 Weeks After Her Heart Stopped Five Times

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jan 22, 2015   |   12:04PM   |   London, England

In August 2014, Isla Allen was born at 24-weeks and weighed a tiny 1Ib 7oz. After she was born, her heart stopped five times and she fought deadly conditions including sepsis, lung diseases, blood infections, and a bleed on the brain. In fact, at one point her heart stopped for half an hour and she was deprived of oxygen for 10 minutes.

However, now Isla is five-month-olds and strong enough to go home. Her parent’s, Maxie Skye-Foster and Anthony Allen, are looking forward to having her home with her seven-year-old brother, Lewis. But unfortunately, there is some bad news— Isla failed her audiology tests and her family just found out that she will be deaf. Maxie shared more with the Cambridge News. She said, “I’m devastated but I have to remember that Isla may not have even survived. I’m so glad she is alive and well and she is improving each day, but we don’t know what the future holds for her at this stage.”


Maxie concluded, “I am proud beyond belief, I can’t quite believe everything that’s happened and what she’s been through. I’m sure that soon it will all hit my like a ton of bricks but I’m so glad she’s home. She’s a warrior. I could never see the day when I could bring her home. When I was giving birth I remember looking up and thinking ‘is my baby going to live or die?’ I did not know what was going on or how to react. Waiting to see if she would pull through was excruciating and I’ve never been so worried in my life.”

Isla’s survival is truly miraculous because micro preemies born at 24-weeks only have a 20% chance of survival. This is because they are subject to a wide range of complications such as Respiratory Distress Syndrome, jaundice, anemia and infection. Thankfully though, because of advances in medicine and technology, more and more preterm babies with appropriate medical care are surviving. This highlights the importance of legislation protecting babies at 20-week-fetal age; the age we know unborn babies can feel pain and potentially live outside the womb.

Tragically, in the United States thousands of unborn babies die after 20-weeks at the hands of late-term abortionists. And even though new statistics show that 84% of American’s support legislation protecting these babies, the United States is one of only four countries that allow abortions this late in pregnancy and for any reason.

As LifeNews previously reported, another micro preemie in the United Kingdom survived after being born three months early. Baby Connor was born at 23 weeks and two days weighing 1lb 2oz. When he was born, Connor was covered from the neck down in the liquid-filled freezer bag to improve his chances of surviving. Eventually, Connor had three operations for a perforated bowel, suffered from fungal meningitis, chronic lung disease and a bleed to the brain. He also needed laser eye surgery after his eyes failed to develop properly. Nevertheless, he survived; and in response to his survival, his mother, Rachel Crockett, explained that she wanted to share his story to cause people to question the legality of abortions on premature babies.

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Additionally, last year LifeNews reported on 24-week old Ellis Rogers whose life was saved after being placed in a freezer bad.