Toddler Dies After Parents Put Drugs in His Bottle to “Watch Him Have Fun”

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jan 21, 2015   |   6:42PM   |   Fort Wayne, IN

We often write about how legalized abortion has produced a culture of death that sometimes results in infanticide. Here is a terrible case of of Indiana that exemplifies that. Warning,some details of this story are quite upsetting.

On Sunday, the body of three-year-old Owen Collins was found after his parents reported him missing to the police. Apparently, however, his parents were the ones that killed him by putting drugs in his bottle; and now its been confirmed that after Collins died, they put his body in a box, set it on fire and buried him in the woods.

The child’s mother, Breanna Arnold, and her boyfriend Zachary Barnes, were arrested by the Indiana police and are being held on preliminary charges of abuse of a corpse and neglect off a dependent. Additionally, an unnamed teenager was arrested who had been living with them and acting as their babysitter. The teen allegedly helped the couple dispose of the body.

According to the WANE news report, Barnes told police that he and Arnold, who also have a 6-year-old son, would put “dope in [the children’s] bottles and watch them have fun.” Later police confirmed suspicions of drug abuse when they discovered drugs in the couple’s home. Unbelievably, the teen babysitter told police that the couple was talking about chopping up the boy and then “throwing him in the river” before they agreed to burn his body.

Authorities involved in the investigation have said that it could take up to two weeks to determine the child’s exact cause of death.


Here’s more:

Court documents outline gruesome details in the death and treatment of a 3-year-old whose presumed disappearance prompted an hours-long community-wide search on Sunday. Three people are being held by police in the death of Owen Collins. The child was apparently dead, in the home, for almost an entire day before his body was put in a cardboard box, dumped in the woods and set on fire.

owencollins2The mother of Owen Collins, 21-year-old Breanna J. Arnold and Zachary S. Barnes, 30, were each arrested and preliminarily charged on two felonies: neglect of a dependent resulting in the boy’s death and abuse of a corpse.

An unidentified teenager was arrested along with the couple on Sunday on a felony charge of abuse of a corpse. The 16-year-old had apparently been living with Arnold and Barnes for several months and acted as the babysitter for Owen and his 6-year-old brother.

Formal charges against the suspects have not yet been filed. The state has granted a hold of up to 72-hours, during which time they will remain in jail without bond.

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According to information gathered by police after interviewing the three suspects, they were all “shooting dope” in the Normandy Drive home Friday night into Saturday. When Arnold went to check on Owen and his 6-year-old brother on Saturday, Owen was dead.

The teenager told police Arnold came running out of the back bedroom with Owen’s body saying “my baby.” Barnes admitted he suggested they get rid of him. Owen was dead, in the home, for almost an entire day.