Kenya: Woman Dies After Botched Abortion, Abortionist Flees

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 20, 2015   |   12:26PM   |   Nairobi, Kenya

Abortion is legal in certain circumstances in Kenya and not only does it destroy the lives of unborn children, abortion is responsible for killing and injuring women as well.

According to a report in The Star, an African newspaper, a woman has died from a botched abortion in Kenya and the abortionist has fled. The brief report calls the abortionist a “chemist,” making it appear the abortionist may have sold the woman the abortion pill.

Here’s more:

blackprolife26The body of a 19-year-old girl was found at a chemist in Oruba estate, Migori town on Sunday evening.

Migori OCPD Moses Chepyegon said the girl identified as Joyce Esomange went missing from her home at gon January 2.

“She had gone to procure an abortion at the clinic and was found yesterday morning after other traders noticed the chemist was closed for several days,” Chepyegon said.

He said the owner of the chemist had fled but that two suspects including a clinical officer have been arrested.

The body was taken to Migori Level Four hospital for an autopsy.

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When Kenyans voted on a new constitution in 2010, a massive publicity campaign – heavily funded by the Obama administration – assured voters it would not legalize abortion. In fact, “Life begins at conception” is in the constitution.

But the Constitution also allowed abortion in certain circumstances. Pro-lifers warned there would be more to come.

Abortion proponents, including those from the United States and Europe, drafted a set of policies for the Kenyan Ministry of Health that would have imposed abortion on the Kenyan medical system. The policies were rejected earlier last year, according to a report by the pro-life group CFAM. The guidelines aimed to integrate abortion within health care and pharmacies. They would have expanded exceptions for abortions, required pharmacies to stock abortion supplies, and laid the groundwork for training and providing abortion on demand.

Aware of the overwhelming influence of abortion groups, pro-life doctors rejected the guidelines.