89-Year-Old Grandma With Weeks to Live Filmed Begging for Food in Shocking Nursing Home Video

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jan 20, 2015   |   6:42PM   |   London, England

In a disturbing video out of London, 89-year-old Edna Slann is seen begging for food and telling her granddaughter that the nursing home where she is staying isn’t feeding her. Slann says, “I’m hungry. Have you got anything to eat here now? I’m bloody starving. They keep you bleeding starving in here.”

She continues, “I’m starving – they keep you starving in here. I just want a cup of tea. Oh god. I want something to eat. They keep you starving in here. This is not me at all. This is not normal, these b******* here are not normal. I just want to get out of this place.”

In July, Mrs Slann was moved from her residential home to Grantley Court Nursing Home. She is a widow who has dementia and needs a wheelchair to move around. Her family claimed that her health deteriorated rapidly and she lost a lot of weight after she entered the nursing home.

According to the Daily Mail, Slann suffered severe facial bruising and a gash to her head at the facility. Additionally, the staff at the nursing home neglected a bedsore on her foot; and now she has an infection that doctors say will kill her in weeks.


Multimillionaires Soondressen and Maleenee Cooppen own the nursing home and the Mail asked them to apologize to relatives for neglecting their family members. However, they said, “We are not interested.”

Mrs. Slann’s daughter, Linda Cackett, said, “It is disgusting. Clearly they don’t care at all. You can see how desperate my mum was. If I was them I would not be able to sleep at night. We filmed her because she kept saying she was hungry. We feel guilty we let her go to Grantley Court. It is hard to talk about but I am speaking out because no one should go through this.”

Thankfully, the home has been evacuated and authorities are looking into the neglect and mysterious injuries on the resident’s bodies. In December, another nursing home owned by the Cooppens, Merok Park, closed down.

Here’s more:

Grantley Court and Merok Park in Banstead, Surrey were allegedly run ‘on a shoestring’ by the Cooppens while they are said to have picked up £650,000 a year from each.

Inspectors found an ‘overpowering’ smell of urine and said patients were forced to wash in cold water. One neighbor told yesterday of years of hearing screaming from one of the homes, as residents pleaded for help.

An 85-year-old man died 48 hours after an emergency evacuation from Merok Park in December but officials have refused to name him. There are also urgent questions as to why officials did not act sooner. A damning report by watchdogs was not published for eight months, meaning families had no idea their loved ones were suffering.

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The Cooppens, who live in a £2.5million home on a gated estate in Cheam, south-west London, have repeatedly refused to answer questions. Parked outside their home yesterday was a fleet of luxury cars worth more than £200,000. Among them were a £70,000 Mercedes S350 saloon, a £50,000 Mercedes CLS350 sports car, a £50,000 BMW X5 4×4 and a £30,000 BMW convertible.

They also own a £500,000 home in Sutton, which they let out. Their eldest child, Davina, a 20-year-old Cambridge University student, had an extravagant 18th birthday party in a luxury resort in their home country of Mauritius two years ago.

Footage from the party shows her arriving in a limousine and drinking champagne with her parents and hundreds of guests.

Watch below to see the horrifying footage of 89-year-old Edna Slann begging for food.