Doctors Tell Mom to Abort Two of Her Triplets, “No, I Won’t Sacrifice Two of My Babies to Save One”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 15, 2015   |   2:09PM   |   Washington, DC

A mother in Britain has told her doctors that she will definitely not take their advice to terminate the lives of two of her triplet babies in abortions in order to supposedly save the life of one of them.

Jaime Halsey and husband were told they were expecting twins in October but an ultrasound scan showed one baby was 25 per cent smaller than others. Her physicians recommended an abortion, but she’s refused saying she will continue the pregnancy and hope for the best even though doctors claim the chance of all three babies surviving is 50-50.

The abortion selection is known in the medical industry as “selective reduction.”

“Selective reduction” is the abortion of one or more babies in a multiple pregnancy. Basically, if a woman is pregnant with twins, triplets, or more—often through in vitro fertilization or another fertility treatment—and she decides she only wants one or two babies, she aborts the rest.


The UK Department of Health figures demonstrate that the number has nearly doubled since 2006. In 2006, 59 women chose abortion in a multiple pregnancy. In 2011, the number has risen to 101. That’s just the figure from Britain where Halsey lives, and the worldwide figure of the number of selective reduction abortions annually is likely in the thousands per year.

Here’s more on the courageous decision Halsey and her husband have made:

But the mother-to-be, who lives in Abington, Northampton, said she would not sacrifice the lives of two of her children just to save one.

The couple, who have already have a two-year-old daughter, said they were determined to bring all three babies into the world to join their ‘happy family’.

The former trampolinist said: ‘We had our first scan in Northampton at 12 weeks and were immediately referred to specialists at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

‘They told us one of the twins is 25 per cent smaller than the other and there’s a massive risk of further growth restrictions.

‘I also risk putting my body under three times the strain to keep them healthy, so they advised the termination. My initial emotional reaction was “I can’t do that, I will keep them all and carry on with the pregnancy whatever”.

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Halsey is now 26 weeks and has been told she will have to deliver the triplets, all believed to be girls, by caesarean. The new arrivals will then have to stay in incubators and be monitored carefully before they can be taken home.

“I am determined to make this happen. I could not live with myself if I sacrificed two of them – to save one. We also had the chances to see the faces of our three little girls on a 3D scan which was really exciting.

‘We never thought about terminating two of the babies for a second, we want to bring all three of them into our happy family.’