Born Three Months Early, Little Otto is Fighting for Life and Needs Your Prayers

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The Facebook page: Pray for Otto is requesting prayer for a tiny little baby boy, born three months early.

Otto Wilhite was born 3 months early on December 16th, 2014 to parents Erin and Dave Wilhite. He weighed 1 lb. and 10oz. and was only 13 inches long.


Shortly before Christmas, Otto’s mother discovered her blood pressure had spiked and she went to the hospital to be check out where doctors told her she was in severe onset of preeclampsia.

“It was just a normal day like any other, I was at school (I teach second grade) on a Friday and we were celebrating it being close to Christmas with the staff,” Erin writes on the Pray for Otto Facebook page.

“The night before my doctor had ordered me some compression socks for swelling so when I got out of school I drove to Walmart to pick them up but while I was waiting by the pharmacy I got bored and decided to check my blood pressure and it was 215/110. I told my sister who is a nurse and laugh and said there’s no way. So I drove to meet her in Springfield to go Christmas shopping but stopped at another Walmart to check again and sure enough it was really that high. My husband and I went to the ER just to get it checked out and within 15 minutes the doctor came in and admitted me and told us that I had a severe onset of preeclampsia and I would not be leaving the hospital till I had the baby, we also discussed if the situation arose who would we want to save, me or the baby.”

Ottos’ mother continues, “Because they knew no matter what I wasn’t going to last very long they went ahead and gave me 2 rounds of shots that help the babies lungs develop faster so they are more prepared for the real world. We coasted through a couple days then Monday hit. Dave went to work and after only 2 hours was called back over and found many doctors and nurses flooding my room they were going to take the baby that day, I was not allowed to have any stimulation, no lights I wasn’t supposed to talk and everyone had to be calm, so then they put me on a medication to protect me from having a seizure or stroke and to protect Otto from getting brain bleeds as well but in order for it to work I had to be on it for 12 hours so it was pushed back to to Tuesday morning at 7:30.”

“The c-section went perfect and very fast I got to see Otto for a split second from far away but it was worth it!”


A sweet video posted on the page shows Otto’s father, Dave trying to calm him down.

A picture posted to Otto’s Facebook shows him sleeping peacefully in his daddy’s arms.

Otto with Daddy










Today, Otto’s parents report that had he not arrived early he would be 30 weeks gestation.

He is three weeks old and now weighs 1lb 15oz.

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Otto 6927796576260674465_n

Otto’s parents say he still needs lots of prayer and they are asking for as many people as can to say prayers for their little son. The Facebook page already has over 6,000 likes.

Otto Father and Son 75820746531742_n










For those interested, family members are constructing a map for Otto’s nursery which will show markers and names of all the people who prayed for him.

To be included in Otto’s prayer map, you need to post where you are from in the comments on his Facebook page!

For updates on Otto visit: Pray for Otto on Facebook.

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