Wife of Duck Dynasty Star Al Robertson Regrets Abortion: Think About My Aborted Baby Every Day

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 7, 2015   |   2:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Millions of women carry the secret of a past abortion for decades and silently deal with the grief and shame of the abortion and the baby whose life they missed out on as a prospective parent. Lisa Robertson, the wife of “Duck Dynasty” star Al Robertson, is one of those women.

She talked about her abortion in an interview on Tuesday — saying she thinks about the baby she aborted every day. Unfortunately, despite her Christian faith and abortion regret, Robertson supports legalized abortion.

UPDATE 1/7/15 at 6:27 PM ET: In a post on her Facebook page, Robertson says she felt trapped by the pro-abortion Huffington Post interviewer and that she is not supportive of abortion.“Dear Friends, please be in prayer for me today. I am fretful over the interview with HuffPostLive yesterday. I am pro-choice only when it’s Gods choice. I was so flustered over her questions & just wasn’t aware that she was trying to trap me. Call me naive. I had an abortion @ 16 & I clearly stated that it was a decision that I’ve regretted all my life. I also stated that I thought God was the only person qualified to take a life because he made the life. Maybe I will get to minister to people who otherwise would shut me out but I am clearly pro-God & pro-life. I hate entrapment but failed to see it happening.”

Here’s more:

Robertson, who appeared alongside her husband to discuss their new book titled, “A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption,” said that she had an abortion as a troubled teenager and that it’s something she truly regrets.

alandlisarobertson“I could have had three children and I messed that up,” Robertson said. ”There has not been — maybe a day has gone by — that I have not thought of this child. … at the time it was the answer that I sought. As I sit here today that is not the answer I would have chosen had I known better, had I been more mature in my thinking.”

She added that she would never call her abortion “a good choice” and that, if she could go back, she wouldn’t make the same decision, claiming that she opposes abortion based on her Christian faith.

“I’m a Christian … I don’t feel like that I should have had a choice to take that life,” Robertson said.

But she also told HuffPo Live host Nancy Redd that she wouldn’t put her beliefs on others and, when asked whether she considers herself pro-choice, she said, “Yes, I would.”

“I’m not going to put my belief on you,” she said. “If that’s the way you feel then that’s your choice … in the end, you have to speak to God about that and so will I.”

Watch the interview below (the abortion conversation starts at the 8:00 mark):

Like the other members of the Duck Dynasty cast, said he is pro-life and opposes abortion, saying: he thinks “it’s best not to have a choice to end life.”

Jase Robertson and his wife Missy Robertson are steadfastly opposed to abortion. When Missy was asked if they thought of aborting their daughter Mia when they found out she would be born with a cleft lip and possibly a cleft palate as well, Missy answered “absolutely not.”