This is One of the Most Ridiculous Pro-Abortion Arguments I’ve Ever Heard

Opinion   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Jan 7, 2015   |   6:02PM   |   Washington, DC

(LiveActionNews) —  You may remember “can’t say it? don’t legislate it.” For those who need a refresher, abortion advocates made a fuss by falsely claiming that Michigan state Rep. Lisa Brown was censured simply for using the word “vagina.” In reality she was censured for violating House decorum and comparing support for pro-life legislation to rape.

It is the abortion industry that is obsessed with a woman’s reproductive organs. While a baby does come out of her mother, this is not the only aspect of pregnancy, childbirth, and abortion. Another human being’s life is always at stake, and that life deserves just as much attention as the woman’s body birthing the baby.

proabortion2In addition to this fixation, and oftentimes alongside it, pro-aborts tend to completely shun men from the discussion – that is, unless those men toe the line of their agenda. In that case, abortion advocates are thrilled to celebrate these men! The abortion movement thus obviously discriminates not only against the unborn child because of her location, but also against men simply because of what reproductive organs they happen to have.

They also like to completely ignore pro-life women. In her piece for Mic, Elizabeth Plank drones on about the white old men in Congress who are sponsoring pro-life bills. No mention is made of Reps.  Diane Black or Marsha Blackburn and the pro-life legislation they have sponsored. The historic wins of Mia Love, Elise  Stefanik, and Joni Ernst, all who happen to be pro-life, also are ignored. Pro-aborts tend not to think kindly of their fellow women who happen to be pro-life.

There is also no mention that one pro-life bill likely to come to a vote in the new Senate, which would restrict abortion past 20 weeks of pregnancy, has the support of 60 percent of women.

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It gets even more ridiculous. Plank’s piece was titled “We Asked Men to Draw Vaginas to Prove an Important Point.” According to Plank, men shouldn’t be able to draft pro-life legislation because the “educated men” of Mic did a laughable job at drawing vaginas.

The piece certainly is laughable; it assumes that it is only men who don’t know as much as they should. Surely some women may benefit, too, from learning and understanding more about their unique and precious bodies.

Knowledge is worth embracing, and there are plenty of reasons why both men and women should familiarize themselves. But just because some guy at Mic can’t label every part with perfect accuracy hardly means much. And it certainly does not mean that any man elected to Congress can’t serve his constituents with the understanding that life, which according to science begins at conception, is a right most sacred and worth protecting.

LifeNews Note: Rebecca Downs is a recent graduate of Fordham University, where she was involved in the Respect for Life club there. She is currently with C-FAM, a