Doctor Did Abortion on 16-Year-Old Girl and Then Raped Her

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 7, 2015   |   4:20PM   |   London, England

A court in the U.K. has heard more about a British doctor who is under investigation for horrific crimes against women.

According to court records, hospital worker Jimmy Savile had at least 103 victims across 28 hospitals where he worked over the years. He abused victims from as young as five to as old as 75 years old. His celebrity status at the local hospitals from his charity work allowed him access to patients and oftentimes suspicious staff turned their heads, not wanting to know who Savile actually was.

This week, courts heard about one terrible case in particular. This case involves another doctor, Michael Salmon, who worked in concert with Savile and reportedly sexually assaulted girls, too. Salmon denies the charges.

michaelsalmon2Michael Salmon is on trial at Reading Crown Court accused of three counts a rape, 11 of indecent assault, and two of using an instrument with intent to procure a miscarriage.

Prosecutors claim he assaulted girls while treating them under the pretence of “vaginal examinations” and performed an illegal abortion on a 16-year-old before raping her, saying “one favour deserves another”.

Salmon believed he was “bomb-proof” from allegations because no one would believe a child over him, the jury was told.
The alleged offences involve eight girls aged from 11 to 18, between 1973 and 1988 when he was working at Buckinghamshire hospitals including Stoke Mandeville, in Aylesbury, as a consultant paediatrician.

The hospital came under fire in the wake of the revelations about Savile’s sex abuse, with former patients claiming they were told by nurses to “pretend to be asleep” as he did so-called ward rounds looking for girls to abuse.

Moore said the defendant examined girls in a consulting room, with their parents either out of view behind a screen or in another room.

“On some of the occasions he handled the breasts of some of the young girls, with the pretence of listening to their heart, and he also on occasions carried out internal vaginal examinations, something for which there was no medical need whatsoever, without a nurse present and without wearing surgical gloves,” she told the court.

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“In one case he used a girl’s distress to offer to undertake an illegal abortion, and raped her in the aftermath, at the same time.”

The 16-year-old sought help from Salmon after he confirmed she was pregnant with a test, Ms Moore told the jury.

He allegedly her to the bedroom of his home, where he produced an instrument like a tube which he said would suck out the foetus, the court was told.

Afterwards, she went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up while bleeding and in pain, jurors heard, but he told her to lie on the bed, said “one favour deserves another” and raped her.

Weeks later he called her and said she may have been going to have twins to persuade her to return to his home and attempt to repeat the ordeal, Ms Moore said.

He managed to perform the same procedure but when he allegedly tried to rape the victim again, she managed to escape.