Newborn Girl Thrown From 17-Story Building in China With Umbilical Cord Still Attached

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Jan 6, 2015   |   2:52PM   |   Beijing, China

Tragically, a newborn girl was thrown from a 17-story apartment complex with her umbilical cord still attached in China.

On Saturday, the infant was found on a busy pavement lying in a pool of blood. According to the Central European News agency, neighbor On Chiang said he “spotted something on the ground and didn’t immediately recognize it.”

china3He added, “I saw the blood first, and then I realized it was the body of a tiny baby. I called police and told them what I had seen, and said that I couldn’t see anybody in the building that might have thrown the child, nor was anybody else around. It was really shocking.” Later disturbing images surfaced on Chinese news websites and social media but were deemed to graphic to publish. Police are now investigating the death and believe that the mother was a teenager with mental health issues.

As LifeNews previously reported, last September was the 34th anniversary of China’s brutal one-child policy, which has resulted in over 400 million abortions and 37 million sex-selection abortions.

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The policy has also resulted in infanticide cases like this one, late-term abortions, forced abortions and forced sterilization. Although we can all agree that what this mother did to her baby was incredibly horrific, we simply don’t know what drove her to do so; and it wouldn’t be unbelievable if she was threatened or forced to kill her baby.

This is because China’s one-child policy instills fear within women in awful ways. Many men put pressure on women to abort their girls for boys; husbands often threaten divorce as punishment for his wife when she refuses to abort; and friends and family belittle their pregnant women for wanting to keep their babies.

Additionally, according to the most recent Human Rights Report on China (2010) from the Department of State, the One Child Policy is linked with high female suicide rates. In 2009, there were approximately 500 female suicides per day, which adds up to 182,500 suicides every year. Chris Smith of New Jersey, one of the leading pro-life and human rights advocates in Congress, puts the one-child policy in perspective.

Smith said the policy creates an “atmosphere of fear” where anonymous pregnancy informants spy on citizens. “The brave pregnant woman who refuses to give in is usually detained and beaten – or, if she goes into hiding, her relatives are detained and beaten. Families that succeed in hiding an “out-of-plan” pregnancy are punished with fines up to ten times the average annual income,” he explained.

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