Mother Dies Who Refused Cancer Treatment to Save Her Unborn Son’s Life

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 2, 2015   |   11:23AM   |   Salt Lake City, UT

Kathy Taylor, 34, was diagnosed with melanoma while pregnant but refused treatment to save her unborn baby boy rather than take his life in an abortion. Sadly, Kathy died in her home Wednesday. Kathy sacrificed her health and her life when she refused treatment of the dangerous cancer for fear of hurting her baby.

The Utah mother-of-five who was diagnosed with terminal cancer while 26-weeks pregnant.


Tragically, Kathy’s act of sacrifice did not pay off for her unborn child. Baby Luke was born premature on September 11 and died two weeks later.

Kathy’s husband reacted to his wife’s death at such a young age saying: “I was so sad it was already goodbye.”

Her husband Nathan wrote on her blog, Kathy’s Miracle:

kathytaylor3Today around 4pm my cherished wife passed away. I had a headache all day and was sleeping much of the day. My parents were over helping with the kids. My mom yelled my name, she sounded distressed. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Kathy was sitting in the bathroom and my mom was holding her up. She told me she thought Kathy had passed. I sat on the tub next to Kathy and started checking for signs of life.

As I realized she had gone I gathered her in my arms and embraced her. I could not believe it. I was so sad that I had been asleep and not been with her when she passed. I was so sad it was already goodbye. I realized their was nothing I could do. I think we always keep hope alive. I told my mom I was feeling queasy and for her to secure Kathy. My mom says I went down really hard. My face and body smacked the chair and then floor with a loud thud.

She said I laid their unconscious for about two minutes. As I started to regain consciousness I could hear my mom yelling in distress for my dad to come. I actually felt like I was dying, like I was being pulled away. Slowly I gathered more of my senses, I could taste blood in my mouth from my lip; and feel the pain in my shoulder. My parents were now both in the bathroom and were worried about me but I was saying I was fine and for them to take care of Kathy. I was faint so I could barely help my dad move her into her bed. I spent about 10 minutes alone with her and then brought in the kids. It was traumatic for them. I will share some thoughts at another time as I need to go be with the kids.

I love you Kathy. I hope you know that. Woman of unwavering faith.


Here’s more on Kathy’s brave and selfless story:

A Utah mother of six who delayed cancer treatment in an effort to save her unborn child died at her home Wednesday, after initially being told in October that she had just 24 to 36 hours to live.

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Kathy Taylor, 33, had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of melanoma that had spread throughout her body when she was pregnant with her youngest son, Luke Tazelaar Taylor. Kathy fought to prolong the pregnancy, but was forced to prematurely deliver Luke on Sept. 11, 2014. He was born weighing 1 pound 15 ounces, and later died of an intestinal infection on Sept. 27.

After the delivery, doctors at the Huntsman Cancer Institute told Kathy’s husband Nate, and their five older children, to prepare to say their final goodbyes to her as she was treated in the intensive care unit.

However, Kathy defied the odds and began responding to treatment, eventually feeling well enough to return home on Sept. 25.

In a Dec. 24 post on the family’s blog, Kathy wrote of being in pain and “getting worse.”
“I have been trying to hang on till Christmas and have hoped my family could enjoy Christmas with their mom. I have to admit it has been extremely hard to continue to be kind and nurturing to my family till the end and I’ve been praying to not be afraid of what the end will look like,” Kathy wrote.

Kathy had previously spoken to and said that she was taking one day at a time with her family.

Of her children, she told, “They love me dearly, I’ll do what I can to stay here for them.”