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She Was Once Called “Retarded” Because She Has Down Syndrome, Now Her Art is Considered “Genius”

Washington, DC | 1/5/15 6:30 PM

Doctors Said They Should Abort Their “Non-Viable” Baby, Now They’re Celebrating His First Birthday

London, England | 1/5/15 6:02 PM

In December 2013, Jett Morris was born at 25-weeks weighing 1.4lbs, which is less than a bag of sugar.

States Have Passed 231 Pro-Life Laws Stopping Abortions Since 2010

Washington, DC | 1/5/15 5:17 PM

No wonder abortions are at historic lows and 73 abortion facilities closed last year alone.

Woman Shot in the Head Because She Wouldn’t Take Pill to Kill Her Unborn Baby

Las Vegas, NV | 1/5/15 4:31 PM

Scientists Want to Create Babies With Two Dads, Turning Sperm Into Eggs

Washington, DC | 1/5/15 3:58 PM

I wrote here the other day about how scientists believe they may be able to turn skin cells into usable eggs and sperm.

Man Tries to Force Pregnant Girlfriend to Have Abortion By Poisoning Her Drink

Indianapolis, IN | 1/5/15 3:36 PM

Rapist Granted Request to be Euthanized to Avoid Life Sentence in Prison

Brussels, Belgium | 1/5/15 2:34 PM

Apparently, the Belgian rapist who wanted euthanasia rather than spend life in jail will be snuffed by a doctor forthwith, in a country that rejects the death penalty.

After Taking the Abortion Pill “I Knew I Made a Mistake,” Her Baby Was Saved When This Happened

San Francisco, CA | 1/5/15 1:57 PM

Holocaust Survivor Describes Seeing an Abortion Clinic: “A Death Factory is the Same Anywhere”

Washington, DC | 1/5/15 1:24 PM

An “uncompromising attempt to reconcile the world’s beauty with its cruelty.”

Three-Week-Old Conjoined Twins Survive Separation Surgery: “Keep Praying for Our Boys!”

Washington, DC | 1/5/15 12:45 PM

Parents in Florida are delighted to let the world know today that their three-week-old twin boys Carter and Conner survived their separation surgery. Millions of people around the world have been praying for the boys since their birth last month.

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