Planned Parenthood Hires Abortion Doc Who Sang Hymns to Jesus During Abortions

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 30, 2014   |   5:02PM   |   Mar Monte, CA

Planned Parenthood abortionist Timothy Liveright, a former abortionist at Planned Parenthood of Delaware, has been hired by a new Planned Parenthood affiliate to do abortions.

Liveright is the abortionist who, last year, reached a consent agreement with the Delaware Board of Licensure and Discipline to avoid losing his medical license over medical misconduct and filthy conditions at his abortion clinic.

LifeNews previously reported on Liveright, who sang to one patient during her abortion, “Jesus, Ohhhhh Jesus, take the sinners down the river, Ohhhh Jesus.”

liverlight2Several medical emergencies at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic he ran prompted three former clinic employees – two nurses and a manager – to go public with complaints about conditions at the clinic, saying patients’ lives were put at risk by unsanitary practices and other deficiencies. The Delaware Attorney General called Liveright a “clear and immediate danger to the public” and accusing him of incompetence and negligence in five procedures in February and March.

The state’s complaint cited Liveright for numerous problems including: over-sedating patients, performing unnecessary suction procedures, failing to properly assess patients, failure to properly administer oxygen, causing at least one perforation during surgery, failing to properly supervise resident physicians during procedures and failing to act with due competence and diligence to avoid unnecessary complications, resulting in patients requiring emergency hospital treatment.

In April 2013, Liveright sent a letter to the Division of Professional Regulation, saying he had “retired from practicing medicine in Delaware and [had] no intentions of ever seeking practice there in the future,” according to the complaint.

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Now he’s surfaced in California.

Former Planned Parenthood abortion facility manager Abby Johnson has this update:

About a week ago, we sent you an email regarding a physician, Dr. Timothy Liveright, who lost his license in the state of Delaware because of medical malpractice, patient negligence and even sexual harassment.
We have confirmed that while he was reprimanded to the point of being forced to resign by Planned Parenthood of Delaware, Dr. Liveright is now working as an abortion provider for the largest Planned Parenthood affiliate, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in California. He is specifically working in the San Jose Planned Parenthood abortion facility.
It would almost be hard to believe that Planned Parenthood Mar Monte would go on to hire a physician with such a terrible record of malpractice…but then you realize that we are talking about Planned Parenthood…an organization who clearly doesn’t care about their patients, but instead values money over women’s health.
I encourage everyone reading this to go to this website and make a complaint to The Medical Board of California. Maybe they will choose to do nothing about this, but they at least need to know that this dangerous physician is practicing in their state.

Liveright was charged by the Board with multiple counts of incompetence and negligence related to abortions done on five women between February and March, 2013, noting that he posed a “clear and immediate danger to the public.” Other charges included over-medicating patents, doing unnecessary surgical procedures, and failing to properly monitor patients and provide appropriate emergency care. The charges were likely based on complaints filed by Operation Rescue.

Liveright worked at two disturbingly dangerous Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in Dover and Wilmington.

In February, Operation Rescue was the first to reveal an alarming trend of abortion-related medical emergencies at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Wilmington. In March, Operation Rescue also released video footage of an attack on a peaceful pro-life grandmother at the same location, which went viral and was shown on national news programs before being removed by That event drew national attention to the abortion clinic and prompted two clinic employees, Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich and Joyce Vasikonis, to come forward and describe before the Delaware Legislature the horrific conditions, negligent practices, and sexual harassment that existed at that clinic.

Operation Rescue assisted with ABC Action News investigation that documented the Wilmington clinic’s conditions. The shocking news report proves the unsanitary practices at this Planned Parenthood were no different than those inside Kermit Gosnell’s squalid “House of Horrors” in Philadelphia.

Planned Parenthood closed both of their Delaware abortion clinics for weeks for “cleaning and re-staffing” but have since reopened.

Liveright was accused by the former Planned Parenthood workers of sexual harassment and slapping women on the leg during abortions. He was said to have played “peek-a-boo” with a women in the process of an abortion with another abortionists in addition to his slovenly and dangerous abortion practices

“While we believe that Liveright’s offenses warrant license revocation, we are hopeful that the consent agreement will include a very lengthy license suspension and heavy fine,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “His behavior was out of control and completely unacceptable. We also hope he takes time to avail himself of the services of a mental health professional and a spiritual counselor during this disciplinary term. We look forward to viewing the terms of this consent agreement when it becomes available in January.”