7 Ways Abortion Advocates Avoided Discussions in 2014 By Talking About Genitals Instead

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Dec 30, 2014   |   11:03AM   |   Washington, DC

Ah, 2014, we are sad to see you go. You’ve really thrown abortion advocates on their heels.

After all, they lost their number one cheerleader, Wendy Davis, during the 2014 midterms to a white, pro-life guy. And now they have to pay for their own birth control (*gasp*) instead of having their bosses pay for it. Also, they are having so much trouble resonating with young women that they’ve dropped the “pro-choice” label and are focusing on spinning abortion as a social good. Oy vey.

So it’s no wonder they don’t want to talk about abortion anymore. In fact, they’ve come up with so many other ways not to talk about abortion that they deserve their very own list.

1. In January 2014, a pro-choice group in Los Angeles held a fundraiser for abortion funds entitled “Night of a Thousand Vaginas.”

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2. In December 2014, Planned Parenthood of Maryland gave away sparkly penis ornaments at their holiday party because nothing says pro-choice like giant bedazzled penis’ hanging from a Christmas tree.

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3. During the Fall semester, pro-choice students at Purdue University took up the crosses in the Students for Life’s Cemetery of the Innocents that represented the number of abortions per day and rearranged them into a giant penis.

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4. NARAL made singularly focused t-shirts to promote their views on reproductive freedom that said “Keep your laws off my [picture of a cat] (pussy).” Keeping it classy NARAL.

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5. A protestor against Hobby Lobby during the US Supreme Court hearings on the religious freedom case held onto a crocheted uterus to illustrate her point, whatever that was. We were there and had no idea what her little uterus was trying to say.


6. In October 2014, abortion advocates vandalized pro-life chalkings at Oakland University in Michigan with the slogan “life begins at ejaculation”. Go back to school people.

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7. In February, NARAL Pro-Choice Montana made vagina cupcakes to celebrate the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

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