You Won’t Believe What This Abortion Clinic Staffer Did When She Found Out She Was Pregnant

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 29, 2014   |   12:05PM   |   Washington, DC

Sometimes it takes something extraordinary to wake up one’s conscience to the reality of abortion.

Former abortion clinic director Abby Johnson has an update today about an abortion clinic worker she has been in touch with who is getting out of the abortion industry. The unnamed employee had been working at an abortion center until she found out she was pregnant. Thankfully, the abortion facility employee ended her job at the abortion business.

Pregnant belly“For several months, we were in contact with an abortion clinic worker. She became pregnant while working at the clinic and was heavily pressured by the physician she worked for to abort her child,” Johnson said in a report today. “She refused and ended up finally quitting her job.”

Local members of the pro-life community have offered help and assistance to this ex-abortion clinic staffer.

“She was scared to leave with a baby on the way and another small child at home, but she took a leap of faith and trusted that our ministry would be there to help her. A wonderful group of prolifers in her area have been amazing during the past month…providing employment, hosting a huge baby shower for her and being a shoulder for her to lean on,” Johnson said.

Tragically, this is not the end of the story for this brave and courageous woman.

As Johnson relates: “Yesterday morning, I woke up to a text message that I never wanted to receive. This former worker had been abused by her boyfriend (who is the father of her baby). As I scrolled through the pictures of her bruised body, I knew we had to immediately spring into action to keep her and her children safe. Thankfully, she called the police and her boyfriend remains in custody…but we don’t know for how long.”

Johnson is now flying to help this former staffer in person and assist her as she deals with this challenging situation. She says her group, And Then There Were None, will provide financial and other support for her.

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“Tomorrow, myself and another ATTWN client manager will be flying to her. We are going there so we can accompany her and her children on a flight to a family member’s home in another state. Our top priority is to keep her and her children safe. She is only weeks away from her due date, but we are counting on God to keep us safe during our journey and to keep her baby in her womb until we touch ground at our final destination,” she said.

She concluded: “Please pray for all of us during this time and pray for the attorneys who are working on this case with us. We are also setting up a savings account for her to live on since she is too far along in her pregnancy to find a new job and will need at least 8 weeks of support after her baby is born.”