She Was Pro-Choice and Worked at an Abortion Clinic, Here’s What Changed Her Mind

National   |   Christian Institute   |   Dec 23, 2014   |   7:43PM   |   Washington, DC

A former abortion clinic employee has written about her dramatic shift in mindset that means she now believes abortion “kills a living, growing member of the human family”.

Jewels Green says she used to be a “vehement and vocal advocate for abortion”, but following a discussion with two women who spoke clearly and compassionately from a pro-life position, she began to change her mind.

Green, who has three children, says she was coerced into an abortion at 17.

Right to live

JewelsGreen7This led to suicide attempts and time in a psychiatric hospital, but she explains that “nothing swayed me from my myopic view of a ‘woman’s right to choose’ abortion”.

In an online discussion on abortion four years ago, she said she stuck to the pro-abortion line that unborn babies are only a “bunch of cells”.

However, she says, “I was baffled (but intrigued) by two voices speaking clearly, consistently, and compassionately (against the tide of a dozen opponents) in support of the right of these microscopic humans to live to maturation”.

Back down

She adds that the pro-lifers never “berated, belittled, or otherwise bashed those of us who disagreed with them—but they also never backed down”.

“Their unshakable belief and eloquent defense of the value of all human life put a chink in the armor I’d spent decades carefully constructing.

“What was life if not a continuum from conception to death? Wasn’t I once a tiny collection of cells? I finally began thinking about these issues of life in a new way.”


She also heard about a surrogate mother who was paid her surrogacy fee to abort the baby she was carrying, because the baby had been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome.

In time Green came to see that: “Abortion kills a living, growing member of the human family.”

“Only as I look back do I see the blinders. My willful ignorance, my avoidance of true introspection, my stubbornness”, she says.

In October this year The Christian Institute told the story of a woman who had an abortion at the age of 18 but now supports women who are suffering the after-effects of abortion.

New problems

Lynn Coles explained: “Abortion is offered to women as a quick solution to the problem but what women don’t realise like myself is that it just gives us new problems.”

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LifeNews Note: Reprinted with permission from the Christian Institute.