The Amazing Thing This Father Did for His Unborn Daughter Before Her Birth Will Melt Your Heart

National   |   Life Dynamics   |   Dec 22, 2014   |   6:25PM   |   Washington, DC

A letter to unborn has been published in a video by a father who wanted his daughter to know his love for her even before she was born.

In May, proud father, Jefferson Bethke, uploaded the video message to his newborn daughter Kinsley.

Kinsley Father






Bethke said he wrote the letter before she was born and then read it to her a few days after her birth. His hope is to continue writing letters to his daughter to encourage her and then present them to her when she turns 18.

“Dear Kinsley,” he begins, “Where do I even begin? As of me writing this – you are two days late to your birth. Let’s hope this isn’t setting a standard though or else it’ll show you take after your mom.”


“I can’t wait to meet you and by the time I read this to you I obviously already will have. You’re such a miracle and I’m so excited to be your dad.”

He continues, “So, for this video, there’s a few things I want to tell you about this crazy thing called life.

“1). Life is scary it’s tough and it’s hard – but the trade-off of life is also very awesome. Like you literally are a living and breathing human being with a heart, brain, creativity, intuition and more. How awesome and rad is that?

“No matter what happens I’ll always be there for you. I promise,” he lovingly pens.

“I’ll be there when you take your first step. I’ll be there when you ride your first bike. I’ll be there when your first boyfriend breaks up with you and you think the world is going to end. I’ll be there even if you get to a point where you want nothing to do with your mom and I for a season. I hope that’s never the case but even if it is I’ll be here with open arms,” he promises.

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The letter continues with Bethke pointing his daughter to her creator and encouraging her to go after her dreams no matter what others say.

He then tells her she is one of a kind, “There’s only one you on this planet, Kinsley, so no need to spend all your time trying to be someone else.

“Also, I want you to know you’re beautiful. You don’t need to dance or perform or act for my attention or approval you already have it.”

Bethke tells Kinsley that he is but a shadow of her Father in Heaven who loves her perfectly, “We were created to worship the one in whose image we were formed, Kinsley,” he says.

Bethke concludes his letter with this advice for his daughter, “And last of all, like I said, don’t ever let anyone ever- ever- ever steal your sense of wonder, Love Dad.”

LifeNews Note: Reprinted with permission from Life Dynamics.