Abortion Clinic Must Shut Down While State Investigates Botched 23-Week Abortion

State   |   Monica Miller   |   Dec 22, 2014   |   2:36PM   |   Southfield, MI

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) ordered the Women’s Center of Southfield, 28505 Southfield Rd., Lathrup Village, MI, owned by abortionist Jacob Kalo, to cease operations beginning Nov. 21, 2014 pending the outcome of an investigative hearing of the Attorney General’s Office scheduled for March 4, 2015.

The clinic shut down was prompted by the official allegation of a botched 23 week-2nd trimester abortion that occurred in February 27-28, 2014. The woman suffered uterine perforation and hemorrhaging resulting in emergency hospital care—with serious physical and emotional consequences. The late-term abortion was a two-day procedure performed by Dr. Reginald Sharpe who is currently under investigation by the State of Michigan.

The Women’s Center of Southfield clinic is subject to yearly state inspections. Through investigative work by pro-life leader Lynn Mills and her team at Pro-life Detroit, it was discovered that the clinic failed no less than five inspections within ten months. “I have been communicating my concerns to the State of Michigan since February 2014 asking for swift action in regards to this location as well as Drs. Sharpe and Kalo. I am indebted to 40 Days for Life-Southfield for their observation of state inspector visits,” said Mills regarding her repeated complaints.

A State Health Care Surveyor of LARA conducted the annual inspection on Dec. 17, 2013. The clinic failed that inspection and all subsequent inspections:

The State permitted Women’s Center to operate while numerous violations remained unresolved that included the following unsafe and unsanitary conditions placing patient health at risk:

  • closedsign7Up until July 2014 no Registered Nurse was on site. Women’s Center-Southfield/Kalo permitted at least two 2nd trimester abortions to be conducted without the required RN in attendance, one of these abortions was the February botch procedure.
    • The absence of hand hygiene protocol.
    • Dismembered fetal remains, following abortion procedures not inspected—resulting in danger of incomplete abortions
      left undetected.
    • Kalo requires patients to have their personal possessions in open basket in operating room—risking unsanitary contamination.
    • RN failed to verify medication drawn into syringe before handing medication to abortionist.
    • Medical staff failed to observe proper hand hygiene after removing gloves following washing of contaminated instruments.
    • Women Center medical assistant failed to properly draw tap water through re-used suction aspiration instruments tubing in a common bucket used for many patients.
    • Kalo failed to follow requirements related to patient signatures on ultra-sound acknowledgement consent forms.
    • Neither Kalo or clinic staff provided oral conversation or discussion with patients, regarding consent, risk or complications prior to the abortion procedures.

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  • Kalo failed to let patients observe ultrasound images.
  • Kalo failed to have written transfer agreement with any local hospital for patients requiring Emergency Room care.
  • Women Center clinic failed to remove non-working Defibulator and Ventilator from abortion procedure room.

The Women’s Center-Southfield clinic was repeatedly in non-compliance with state regulations, thus operating a sub-standard medical facility that places women’s lives at risk. Moreover this clinic location has a history of violating patient rights and Michigan State law. We demand that:

  • The Women’s Center-Southfield be forced to shut
    down permanently.
  • The State of Michigan formally investigate Jacob Kalo’s four other abortion facilities.
  • The City of Lathrup Village immediately adopt the 20 Week Pain Capable Abortion Ban—a ban CPLS already proposed to the City Council this year that would not only protected unborn babies—but a ban that would have prevented the kind of botched February 2014 abortion that resulted in terrible personal pain and suffering for the baby’s mother.

Over the last 30 years the clinic site and its abortionists have been the subject of numerous civil suits filed by women who suffered complications from abortions. At least three women died from abortions performed at this location or by abortionists who worked for the clinic—namely Chevon Williams, Regina Johnson and 15-year-old
Tamiia Russell.

In 2008 Citizens for a Pro-Life Society discovered the remains of aborted babies in the trash dumpster located in the alley behind the clinic when owned by Alberto Hodari. In addition the group found extensive bio-hazard waste as well as over 200 in-tact patient records. The clinic was cited for violations of the state’s sanitation code by Michigan department of Environmental Quality. Oakland County District Attorney’s Office brought charges against Hodari for violating the rights of patients regarding the improper disposal of medical records and the clinic was also found to be in violation of patient rights and confidentiality under HIPAA federal regulations.

LifeNews Note: Monica Migliorino Miller, Ph.D., is the director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and author of Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars (St. Benedict Press, 2012).