Man Punched His Girlfriend in the Stomach So Hard He Killed Her Unborn Baby

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 19, 2014   |   2:47PM   |   Glasgow, Scotland

An irate man got so angry with his pregnant girlfriend that he punched her in the stomach. And Brian Kerr, 21, hit 18-year-old Danielle Keenan so hard that he killed her 11-week-old unborn child. Now, Kerr faces prison time for his assault.

Kerr apparently flew into a rage after she moved out of their shared flat in Glasgow, Scotland, that he assaulted her and later sent her a threatening text message saying, “I should have done more than hurt you.” Keenan reportedly tried to defend herself and her baby from the attack, but to no avail.

daniellekeenan“He punched me in the stomach and it was such agony. I cried out in pain,” she told the Daily Record. “Soon after, I knew I was bleeding. I got home and realised I was heavily bleeding and needed to get to the hospital. When the doctor told me I was miscarrying, I broke down in tears.”

“I couldn’t believe the person who had treated me like this was the same man that had once said he loved me. Kerr was meant to be sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday but told his lawyer he was too ill to appear,” she said.

The London Daily Mail newspaper has additional details on the attack:

She said he would lose his temper at the slightest thing and revealed that he destroyed the home they were sharing, badly cutting himself badly in the process and bleeding over the floor.

‘He got so angry. As I mopped up his blood, I kept thinking I could be next,’ said Ms Keenan.

He launched his vicious attack in August this year after she moved her belongings out of their shared house and even tried to lock her inside at one point.

‘I stood up to him and got out on to the street, but then he just flipped. All I kept thinking was, ‘my baby, my baby’. But I couldn’t get away,’ she said.

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‘I just kept walking and he grabbed me and spat in my face – it was so humiliating.’

She went to police the next day and Kerr denied grabbing her and spitting on her, but was convicted. Although the charge that he punched her on the body was dropped, Miss Keenan is adamant that he caused her miscarriage. Kerr’s sentencing hearing will now take place next month.