Bodies of Two Unborn Babies or Infants Found in Storage Unit, Left to Decompose

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Dec 19, 2014   |   7:46PM   |   Sacramento, CA

Our acceptance of abortion has led to other deadly evils, like assisted suicide, euthanasia and infanticide.

In a country that accepts the killing of unborn children as a social norm, we cannot pretend that the slaying of over 55 million human lives through abortion will not change the way the world works. In 1973, when the Supreme Court ruled in Roe vs. Wade that unborn humans were not members of the human family, they unknowingly initiated a war on all of us. This is because they decided that the weakest member among us, the unborn child, has no rights and opened the door for other vulnerable members to be persecuted.

storagefacilityTragically, over forty years later, we watch in horror as our elderly and disabled have their most basic needs denied such as food and water; we watch in horror as the media remains silent over the murder of seven babies born alive after botched abortions in Gosnell’s House of Horrors; and we watch in horror as mothers and fathers abandon, abuse or kill their children on a massive scale.

How did we get here? The answer is simple— we refused to protect the weak and consequently living in a culture of death.

Don’t believe me? Well, now California authorities have uncovered another case of infanticide. The bodies of two infants or unborn babies were found abandoned and left to decompose in a storage unit.

ABC News shares more:

Authorities in Northern California are investigating how the bodies of two infants or fetuses ended up in a storage unit.

The Placer County sheriff’s office says a woman called authorities Nov. 25 to report an odor coming from the abandoned storage space in the city of Colfax, about 40 miles northeast of Sacramento. She had just purchased the contents of the storage unit at auction.

The Sacramento Bee reports deputies found the decomposing remains of a fetus or infant in a container, and a deputy coroner confirmed the remains were human. Later, a second fetus or infant was discovered in the container.

Sheriff’s officials say detectives have interviewed a woman believed to be the mother. They’re waiting for the results of forensic and toxicology tests before determining how to proceed.