Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Congratulates New Surgeon General Vivek Murthy

National   |   Life Dynamics   |   Dec 18, 2014   |   11:49AM   |   Washington, DC

By a vote of 51 to 43 vote, the Senate has confirmed 37-year-old Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General of the United States.

Critics say that the Obama pick is a political appointment only. Pro-lifers say that anyone the most radically pro-abortion president to date would select as America’s top doctor will most likely favor abortion.

No sooner did the news of the confirmation become public that Planned Parenthood Action sent out a tweet of congratulations:

PP  Congrats Surgeon General Dec 2014





In the words of the Stanek Report, “Planned Parenthood support of new surgeon general says all you need to know.”

Ironically, in the tweet, the abortion giant gleefully linked to a page on the US Surgeon General’s website paid for by the taxpayer which suggests that companies should support reproductive health, code for abortion on demand:

Repro Health








VivekMurthyIt reads, “Healthy reproductive and sexual practices can play a critical role in enabling people to remain healthy and actively contribute to their community. Planning and having a healthy pregnancy is vital to the health of women, infants, and families and is especially important in preventing teen pregnancy and childbearing, which will help raise educational attainment, increase employment opportunities, and enhance financial stability. Access to quality health services and support for safe practices can improve physical and emotional well-being and reduce teen and unintended pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).”

Under the Recommendations section of the page, it says, “Increase use of preconception and prenatal care. Support reproductive and sexual health services and support services for pregnant and parenting women.Provide effective sexual health education, especially for adolescents.”

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What Can State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Governments Do? The website makes these suggestions, “Increase access to comprehensive preconception and prenatal care, especially for low-income and at-risk women. Strengthen delivery of quality reproductive and sexual health services (e.g., family planning, HIV/STI testing).”

Just when you think the suggestions end, there are more, in the “What Can Businesses and Employers Do?” The answer? “Provide health coverage and employee assistance programs that include family planning and reproductive health services.”

We have yet to see just how much “reproductive health” propaganda will make it to the Surgeon General’s website now that Murthy is at the helm, but, we can assume, it will be business as usual where abortion is concerned.

LifeNews Note: Reprinted with permission from Life Dynamics.