The Next 26 Hobby Lobbys: Obama is Trying to Force These Businesses to Obey HHS Mandate

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Dec 17, 2014   |   4:25PM   |   Washington, DC

In July, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby, a Christian-run store, doesn’t have to obey the HHS mandate that is a part of Obamacare that requires businesses to pay for abortifacents in their employee health care plans. As LifeNews previously reported, writing for the 5-4 majority, Justice Samuel Alito handed down the decision for the court, saying, “The Supreme Court holds government can’t require closely held corporations with religious owners to provide contraception coverage.”

The court ruled that the Obama’s contraception mandate violated the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, a 1993 law and it held that the mandate “substantially burdens the exercise of religion” and that HHS didn’t use the “least restrictive means” to promote this government interest, tests required by RFRA.

hobbylobby31After the High Court’s decision, Barbara Green, the co-owner of Hobby Lobby issued a statement. She said, “Our family is overjoyed by the Supreme Court’s decision. Today the nation’s highest court has re-affirmed the vital importance of religious liberty as one of our country’s founding principles. The Court’s decision is a victory, not just for our family business, but for all who seek to live out their faith. We are grateful to God and to those who have supported us on this difficult journey.”

Now pro-abortion supporters are concerned that other companies will challenge the HHS mandate. Currently, according to the Daily Beast, there are 26 new companies who are opposing it and in June, Senior counsel and director of state reproductive health policy for the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), Gretchen Borchelt, lamented about the ramifications of the Hobby Lobby decision. She said, “Other closely held companies now have a license to harm their employees in the name of the company’s religion. If companies qualify, they can use this decision to make the same claim.”

However, once again, it’s important to remember that most of these companies cover 95% of prescription birth control; they’re just not willing to cover abortifacients like IUDs, Ella, and Plan B. Additionally, these companies aren’t preventing anyone from using those abortifacients— they just aren’t willing to pay for it.

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At the time of the Supreme Court’s decision, Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel David Cortman told LifeNews: “Americans don’t surrender their freedom by opening a family business. In its decision, the Supreme Court affirmed that all Americans, including family business owners, must be free to live and work consistently with their beliefs without fear of punishment by the government. In a free and diverse society, we respect the freedom to live out our convictions. For the Hahns and the Greens, that means not being forced to participate in distributing potentially life-terminating drugs and devices.”

The Daily Beast lists these 26 companies as challenging the HHS Mandate:

  1. American Pulverizer


Springfield Iron and Metal, LLC, American Pulverizer Company, Hustler Conveyor Company, and City Welding are four Missouri-based companies involved in the business of wholesale scrap metal recycling and manufacturing of related machines.


  1. Barron Industries


Michigan-based company that produces metal castings for various industries.


  1. Bick Holdings Inc.


A Missouri-based holding company for operating companies.


  1. Cherry Creek Mortgage Co.


A Colorado-based full- service residential mortgage banking company.


  1. Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation


A Pennsylvania-based wood cabinet and specialty products manufacturer.


  1. Doboszenski & Sons


Minnesota-based company that provides services for excavation, demolition, and street construction and reconstruction.


  1. Domino’s Farms Corp.


Michigan-based property management company.


  1. Freshway Foods


A fresh produce processor and packer, Freshway Logistics is a for-hire carrier of mainly refrigerated products. The companies are Ohio-based for-profits that serve 23 states.


  1. Hart Electric LLC


An Illinois- based manufacturer of electrical components, and H.I. Cable.


  1. Johnson Welded Products


Ohio-based manufacturer of reservoirs for air brake systems.


  1. Korte & Luitjohan Contractors


An Illinois-based full-service construction contractor.


  1. Lindsay, Rappaport and Postel LLC


An Illinois-based law firm that primarily practices in insurance defense, insurance coverage, and appellate work.


  1. Midwest Fastener Corp.


A Michigan-based company that supplies fasteners to the hardware store, home center, and industrial markets.


  1. MK Chambers Company


Michigan-based supplier of specialty machining.


  1. M&N Plastics


Michigan-based supplier of custom injection molding products.


  1. O’Brien Industrial Holding


Missouri company engaged in the exploration, mining, processing, manufacturing, and distribution of refractory and ceramic raw materials.


  1. The QC Group Inc


A Minnesota-based corporation, owned by Daniel Medford and David DeVowe, which provides quality control services.


  1. Randy Reed Buick, Nissan, and Chevrolet


Missouri-based car dealerships.


  1. Sioux Chief MFG. Co.,


Missouri Corporation that manufactures plumbing products.


  1. SMA LLC.


A Minnesota based agricultural/industrial construction company.


  1. Stinson Electric, Inc.


A Minnesota electrical services company.


  1. Tonn and Blank Construction


An Indiana construction company.


  1. Williams


An Ohio- based corporation that works in the electrical and thermal insulation industry.


  1. Zumbiel Packaging


A Kentucky-based manufacturer of paperboard packaging for consumer goods.


  1. Encompass Develop, Design & Construct, LLC


A Kentucky-based architect, design and construction service.


  1. Hastings


A Minnesota car dealership.