She Ran a Filthy Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Like Kermit Gosnell’s But Won’t Face Charges

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Dec 16, 2014   |   11:12AM   |   Wilmington, DE

Do you remember when Planned Parenthood called Kermit Gosnell’s abortion facility a “criminal enterprise?

Well, apparently the abortion giant has many abortion facilities of their own that are very similar to Gosnell’s.

In 2013, Timothy Liveright, who worked at two Planned Parenthood facilities in Delaware, was charged with multiple counts of incompetence and negligence related to abortions done on five women between February and March of that year.

As Lifenews previously reported, some of the other charges he faced included over-medicating patents, doing unnecessary surgical procedures, and failing to properly monitor patients and provide appropriate emergency care. Additionally, his facility was absolutely filthy and the abortionist refused to wear sterile gloves during abortions and wore smelly, blood stained scrubs.

plannedparenthood107However, the abortionist was only charged $1,500 and Planned Parenthood was not held responsible. A former worker at the Delaware facility reported to the state that the medical director at Planned Parenthood, Dr. Carole Meyers, engaged in unprofessional conduct because she failed to report that the abortionist was 1) disruptive in the practice setting, 2) sexually harassing other workers and 3) participating in substandard clinical decision making.

Unfortunately, despite the medical director’s negligence, the state refused to prosecute the Planned Parenthood employee because there was “insufficient evidence to prove willful failure to report.”

Now former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson, has released a response to the state’s decision.

From Johnson’s report:

In 2012, A Planned Parenthood facility in Delaware was closed for several days after 3 employees came forward and talked about the deplorable conditions inside the clinic. The abortionist was fined a very small amount of money and he surrendered his license to the State Department.

That seemed like a win, but there was more to the story that was never exposed.

The Planned Parenthood facility eventually opened back up, but one of those former workers was not done talking. We were so thankful to connect with her during that time. Over the past year, our relationship with this former worker has grown. She knew that there were more people who needed to be held accountable, and she wanted to do something about it.

This worker submitted a detailed account of what took place inside that Delaware Planned Parenthood facility. Here were a few highlights from her complaint:

  1. The abortionist, Dr. Timothy Liveright displayed grossly inappropriate behavior around patients and staff, including screaming and cursing.

  2. The abortionist, Dr. Timothy Liveright, sexually harassed patients and staff.

  3. The medical director, Dr. Carole Meyers, knew of this behavior and was NEVER charged or reprimanded for her negligence as Dr. Liveright’s supervisor.

  4. Several of Dr. Liveright’s patients were transported to a hospital for emergency care after negligent patient care during an abortion…negligent patient care that Dr. Meyers knew about and participated in.

She received a response from the State Department about her complaint on December 9, 2014. In the state’s response, we found out some interesting information.

  1. Dr. Liveright voluntarily surrendered his medical license and DEA number to the state.

  2. Planned Parenthood gave him the OPTION of retiring or being fired.

  3. Planned Parenhood and Dr. Liveright NEVER reported any of these changes to the state.

  4. The State of Delaware will do NOTHING to reprimand Dr. Liveright’s supervisor for her negligence.

Johnson asks the following about Planned Parenthood’s negligence and the state’s failure to hold the abortion business responsible:

  1. Why in the world would Planned Parenthood give a doctor the option to RESIGN when he sent multiple patients to the hospital, demonstrated gross negligence, showed inappropriate sexual behavior towards staff and clients? Why wouldn’t they fire him on the spot? Why show him respect by allowing him to resign when he had been so careless with their patients?? This clearly shows that they are more interested in protecting their abortionists over their patients.

  1. Why isn’t the medical director, Dr. Carole Meyers, being held responsible for the actions of an employee who she directly supervised? If I was working somewhere and knew that one of my staff was sexually harassing another employee and failed to do anything about it, shouldn’t I also be held liable?”
  2. Why didn’t Planned Parenthood report this disgusting behavior to the state medical board?

4 And after now KNOWING that they chose not to report this information, why isn’t Planned Parenthood and the other doctors involved not being held responsible?

The letter from the state says that there was not enough “evidence” to prove that there was a “willful failure to report.” So, the state just thinks that they accidentally forgot to report sexual harassment, medical malpractice and other inappropriate behavior?

This is just yet another example of Planned Parenthood skirting the law and the state being the willing accomplice.

We have received a tip that Dr. Liveright is currently performing abortions in another state. We will continue to follow up on that tip.

Johnson also asks people to send a message to the State of Delaware to let them know Planned Parenthood shouldn’t get away with this behavior:

We Have Had ENOUGH. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of the abortion industry getting a pass for this type of behavior.

It’s time to act. Let’s let the State of Delaware know that we are not going to take this negligence sitting down any longer. Let’s tell Planned Parenthood know that we aren’t going to be silent. We will continue to expose them over and over again until every one of their clinics is closed. They have hurt enough women.

You can send a message to the state department and let them know of your disgust. Here is their information.

State of Delaware Professional Regulations

Cannon Building

861 Silver Lake Blvd, Ste 203

Dover, DE 19904-2467

Phone Number : (302) 744-4500

Email: [email protected]

You can also send a message to Planned Parenthood Delaware. Here is their information.

Planned Parenthood Delaware

625 North Shipley St.

Wilmington, DE 19801

Attn: Administration

Phone Number: (302) 655-7293