“18 Kids and Not Counting:” Britain’s Largest Family Says 18th Baby Will be Their Last

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Dec 15, 2014   |   2:02PM   |   London, England

Noel and Sue Radford have seventeen children and are known as Britain’s largest family. Now the couple’s announced they’re expecting their eighteenth child; however, they say this will be their last.

In July, Sue delivered a stillborn baby at 21-weeks. She said, “I think losing a child changes you as a person, I’m not the same person I was before I lost Alfie. I will never be that person again but I’m learning to live life as an angel mummy and put a smile on my face when there’s times I really don’t feel like smiling.”

radfordfamilyDespite the stillbirth, the couple feels fortunate to be expecting another baby.

They told The Sun newspaper, “It is the perfect Christmas gift. The children are all very excited about having a new brother or sister so it will be a happy home over the holidays.”

Sue said, “We are really, really excited. It is the best news I could hope for after a difficult year. It feels like a blessing. We weren’t planning on getting pregnant so quickly. I wasn’t sure it would happen, to be honest. But we are so glad it has and the children are all really happy.”

She concluded, “This will be the last, 18 is enough. I’ve had bad morning sickness but it has stopped now so I am just waiting for the cravings. I am sick whenever I smell Noel’s aftershave so I have banned him from wearing it. I’m used to the pregnancy stuff now. I know I will be stuffing my face with cream cakes within a few weeks.”

According to the Daily Mail, when the Radfords shared their baby news on Facebook, their followers had a positive reaction and offered support. One supporter, Geraldine Evans, said “The Radford family can actually teach others a thing or two about being a parents and budgeting…. Congrats to each and everyone of you.”

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Ann James wrote: ‘Hats off to them….saw the programme..they eat home made good meals, he works, they are clean and tidy and the kids are well mannered.’

The Radford’s have their own show in Britain, “16 Kids and Counting,” and own a bakery, which is how they support their large family. Noel and Sue were childhood sweethearts and had their first child, Chris, 25, when Sue was 14. The couple are also parents to Chloe, 19, Jack, 17, Daniel, 15, Luke, 14, Millie, 13, Katie, 12, James, 11, Ellie, nine, Aimee, eight, Josh, seven, Max, six, Tilly, four, Oscar, three, and Casper, two.