Their Son Miraculously Survived a Fatal Diagnosis After They Placed Their Hope in God

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Dec 11, 2014   |   8:00PM   |   Washington, DC

A Houston couple was told that their unborn son David had fetal hydrops, which is serious condition that causes an abnormal collection of fluid in at least two different fetal compartments.

fetalhydropsTheir doctors told them that the condition was very bad news because it’s always a sign of a more serious underlying problem. Then they were sent to see a specialist in fetal cardiology who told them that their son had a fatal heart condition and was not expected to live.

At that point, the couple was advised to begin preparing for David’s death. However, during the entire time, they chose to speak life over their son and prayed that God would save him. Then the miraculous happened— at one of their appointments one of their doctors said all the fluid around their son’s heart and lungs had disappeared, and that there was some kind of divine intervention.

Watch the video below to hear about their son’s miraculous healing.

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