Model Considered Abortion Because of Her Career But Decided to Keep Her Baby

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Dec 9, 2014   |   6:50PM   |   Sydney, Australia

Australian model, Robyn Lawley, is expecting a baby and recently opened up to Cosmopolitan magazine about her unplanned pregnancy. Lawley has contracts with Ralph Lauren and Pantene and is considered a plus size model in her industry. She’s also worked with some of the world’s top photographers Rankin and Greg Kade.

The Daily Mail shares more:

Robynlawley2Robyn announced that she was expecting her first child with fiancé Everest Schmidt in late October, revealing the news only when she reached the six month mark and confirming that her baby is due in late January/early February.

The U.S-based clothes horse, who has been dating her lawyer beau for three and a half year, told Australian Women’s Weekly: ‘I’m about six months pregnant. It wasn’t that big of a shock.’

‘We were excited when we found out,’ she added.

However, Lawley wasn’t always so excited to be pregnant. In her interview with Cosmopolitan, she confessed that she considered abortion when she found out she was expecting because she’s very career driven. According to Mail Online, she even called an abortion clinic to find out about the procedure.

Lawley said, “As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I had to take all options into account, because with a baby, I’ll have to majorly slow down — and I’m very career driven. That scared me.”

RobynlawleyAfter the interview, Lawley received criticism because of her statement but wants people to understand she didn’t consider abortion solely because of her job.

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She said, “If you really think that my sole consideration for whether I should bring a life into this world was based on how my body would look afterwards, then I am sorry for your lack of logical reasoning skills.

The reality is many women face a plethora of factors when considering whether to have an abortion. And my case is no different. Sure, one of the biggest ones for me related to my career, which necessarily and perhaps unfortunately relates, at least in part, to my body image. I would say that any “career oriented” woman would consider how a pregnancy affects their career.”

Thankfully, the model decided against abortion but later said she considers herself “pro-choice.” In another interview she revealed that her mother had an abortion earlier in her lif. Lawley concluded, “I had dreamed of children with my current partner…who I love more than anything and after a short thought process I knew I wanted this and we would make it work.”