Wife of Leading Pro-Life Activist Still Missing Six Months After Disappearance

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 8, 2014   |   2:32PM   |   Washington, DC

Five months ago, Kerry Messer, president of the Missouri Family Network, reported his wife missing. Messer is well-known in the state capital as the head of a pro-life group and he’s often speaking out about pro-life issues as they relate to Show Me State politics.

But now there is just silence as the are few leads and no satisfactory answers as to what has happened with his wife, Lynn Marie Messer, who disappeared on July 7.

Messer woke up at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning and couldn’t find his wife anywhere. She had left her cell phone, purse and house keys behind and also had left the home without a walking boot she had been using to help her get around due to a broken toe.

messer4Law enforcement found no indication at Messer’s home that there was a break-in or that she may have been abducted and she has no history of mental problems like dementia that may have caused her to leave the house unexpectedly.

An update on Messer’s disappearance provides no additional information on her whereabouts and no new leads:

By all accounts, Lynn Messer’s marriage of nearly 35 years was a happy one on the farm that she and her husband loved. The night before she vanished, Messer taught a vacation Bible school class before coming home to work on craft projects and plan for an upcoming Sunday school picnic. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

The only apparent negative in Messer’s life was constant hip pain that had persisted despite hip replacement surgery. She had recently been placed on a new pain medication. She had no history of depression.

The Saint Genevieve Sheriff’s office has continued to pursue all incoming leads. Det. Austin Clark said some family members have taken lie detector tests, but no one in the family is considered a suspect. Police with dogs have exhaustively searched the farm and found no clues, and a search through home computer files led nowhere.

A “Find Lynn Messer” Facebook page has helped to coordinate volunteer search efforts. After devoting himself completely to the search for his wife, many fellow activists and lawmakers have encouraged Kerry Messer to please return to the work of his ministry among the Capitol Community.  As a result he has recently announced that he will be re-engaging in his lobbying efforts at the Missouri capital, however he insist that his search for Lynn will continue.The Saint Genevieve County Sheriff tip line—573-883-5820, ext. 27463—is still awaiting a breakthrough.

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Kerry Messer, Lynn’s husband, made a sad announcement on the “Find Lynn Messer” Facebook page when searches had to be ceased in light of complications related to the beginning of deer season. He said this was a painful message to post and the reality is almost too overwhelming.

“I knew this day would come if Lynn were not to be found first,” wrote Kerry earlier this week. “Honestly I feared it would have come sooner – and I count it as a huge blessing to have had so many people helping us for so long! But with each passing week there has been a marked decline in the number of volunteers who have been available to brave the brush and thickets, the scratches and cuts. So many friends have invested themselves and paid their own way by the sweat of their brow. Most have spent hours only to return soaked in sweat.”

“I am unspeakably indebted to every one of you – for every ounce of effort you have labored – for every drop of sweat – for every scratch and tick bite – and for the love which has pushed you to help! I also owe deep gratitude to all of you who have been so remarkable in the way you have helped organize, manage, feed, and take care of everything from cleaning to caring for animals, and all the many details that you have stepped forward to do – all without ever being asked!”

St. Agnes Catholic Church in Bloomsdale, Missouri held a special prayer service and leading pro-life advocates like Pam Fichter of Missouri Right to Life attended.

“All of us at Missouri Right to Life express out deep concern to the Messer family and pray that Lynn will be found soon,” she said.