Conjoined Twins Born Sharing One Heart Die One Day After Birth, Parents Rejected Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 8, 2014   |   11:36AM   |   Atlanta, GA

A couple who rejected abortion to give birth to conjoined twins who shared one heart are in heartbreak today as their newborn babies both died.

Robin and Michael Hamby said their twin babies may have just one heart but they say it’s a perfect one. And that’s why the Hambys rejected an abortion and looked forward to the birth of their twins.

conjoinedtwins18The conjoined twins boys shared a heart, torso, arms and legs, were born early on Thursday in an Atlanta hospital, marking a medical rarity as many such babies do not survive delivery. The newborn brothers were given medication for their joint heart and intubated to help them breathe.

Sadly, Asa and Eli Hamby died Friday evening just 33 hours after they were born. They suffered heart complications early Friday morning and the sides of their heart began to beat out of sync and could not be regulated.

Michael said the couple at least got to spend some time with their beautiful babies before they died: “Robin got over there and we got to hold them, love them and sing to them.”

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‘I miss them, even though I have only got to be with them 24 hours. Feels like a lifetime. I don’t wish this hurt on anybody.’

Robin said: ‘The doctors and the nurses at Egleston [a separate hospital where the boys were treated] were awesome. They explained everything they did. They did everything they could possibly do for them.’

‘They looked so much like Michael… They were just the cutest little things. So, so sweet.’

The couple explained that the twins had coped well in the hours immediately after being born, but developed heart complications early Friday morning.

The two developed an atrial flutter – where the heart beats of of sync – and their heart rate rocketed to 300 beats a minute. Doctors tried to regulate the rhythm with drugs, but ultimately could not save the boys.

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