Abortion Leaves Young Man Devastated, Destroyed Relationship With His Girlfriend

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Dec 8, 2014   |   8:08PM   |   London, England

Last week, The Guardian shared a story of a post-abortive man who believes he may never recover from his ex-girlfriends abortion. It was a surprising piece considering the pro-abortion position The Guardian almost always promotes. In fact, one of their writers proudly acknowledged that she supports abortion-on-demand and believes that there’s never a bad reason to have an abortion.

However, this story shares the heartbreak of an unidentified man who says he hasn’t been able to sustain a relationship since he and his girlfriend decided on abortion and broke up.

Here’s his story:

I’m a 25-year-old man from Ireland who went through a pretty rough breakup. I was in a relationship with an amazing woman for two of the happiest years of my life. Then we had an unplanned pregnancy. We decided to have the child together; I have a good job and I could have supported us both, and we loved each other.

sadman10Then she decided she wasn’t ready for the whole situation, almost three months into the pregnancy, and I had to fly us over to the UK to have the operation. Personally, I’m against the idea of abortion – I was raised as a strict Catholic – but I always conceded it was a woman’s prerogative. I loved her and I could see it was killing her, so we did it together.

Three months after the operation, we broke up, and I haven’t been able to sustain a relationship since. It has been almost a year. I have no problems attracting women but I just can’t bring myself to start a new relationship. I’m starting to worry whether it’s something I just won’t be able to get over before it’s too late.

Although there isn’t nearly as much research about abortions impact on men, there is substantial evidence that indicates that post-abortive men suffer silently after abortion. According to the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, a group that works to help post-abortive men and women, men who are opposed to abortion but supported their partners’ decision may have an immediate reaction to the death of their child. They may feel sadness, grief, anger and a sense of not being able to protect

Additionally, as LifeNews previously reported, abortion is known to damage and even destroy romantic relationships. Brian Fisher, the President of Online for Life commented on the consequences of abortion for men.

He said, “We are just now considering, though, that we victimize ourselves. Depression, guilt, shame, a loss of self, a loss of honor, and destroyed relationships are common male consequences of abortion. In our heart of hearts, we are coming to grips with what we’re doing. We are willfully taking the lives of those we are wired to protect.”