Will Virginia Let Gov. Terry McAuliffe Protect Abortion Clinics From Inspections?

State   |   Olivia Gans Turner   |   Dec 2, 2014   |   11:38AM   |   Richmond, VA

A few days ago we celebrated a classically American holiday, Thanksgiving.  There were families to visit and favorite foods to share.  Most importantly we joined together to give thanks for the gift of life and love that each of us finds among family and friends.  It is my sincere hope that your holiday was joyful!

For the Pro-life movement the holiday season is still a busy one. We have recently had major elections for federal  offices and we are so grateful that Virginia still has a majority pro-life delegation to Congress. Our two newest pro-life members are Congresswoman-elect Barbara Comstock, R-10th, and Congressman-elect David Brat, R-7th.  We are looking forward to assisting both of them on pro-life issues as they come before Congress in the term ahead.

Terry McAuliffeThere is important work to be done right now though. Next week, right here in Richmond, the Virginia Board of Health will meet with the specific instructions from Gov. McAuliffe to reconsider the much debated and hard won abortion facilities regulations.

Three years ago these protective measures were voted on and passed through the General Assembly.  The Board of Health voted two years ago to institute them and now there is a serious doubt that they will survive the Governor’s effort to dismantle them as he promised pro-abortion groups before he was elected in 2013. Doing so will send a clear message that this administration is committed to one thing only, unfettered access to abortion and unchecked abortionists.  Women safety and the lives of unborn babies don’t matter.

Abortionists depend on being allowed to practice their deadly craft without supervision.  Removing these regulations will allow unscrupulous abortionists like the notorious Steven Bigham of Virginia Beach to continue to place women in harm’s way and kill their unborn children.

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On December 4th at 8:00 AM the Virginia Board of Health will meet the Richmond area to hear public comment one last time.  This is an invitation to any and all of you who are able to join us at the meeting to do so, especially those who live near Richmond.  The space will be limited and if you really want to speak we encourage you to come very early to get in line. If you don’t get inside there will still be a chance to be seen and heard by the media. Our peaceful presence will be very important that day. I look forward to seeing you there.

Here are the details:

Virginia Board of Health Meeting

December 4, 2014

8:00 AM

Perimeter Center
9960 Maryland Drive,
Henrico, Virginia 23233

Please remember that no matter what season of the year it may be, VSHL is always at the front of the efforts to save innocent lives.  We stay vigilant and depend on all of you to keep VSHL ready for every challenge no matter what time of year it comes along!

LifeNews Note: Olivia Gans Turner is the director of Virginia Society for Human Life.