Christian College Professor: “I’m Equally Pro-Life and Pro-Choice” on Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 2, 2014   |   5:20PM   |   Fort Wayne, IN

The Bible has a pretty clear view of the innate value of human life, but a professor at one Christian college obfuscated the issue when he told an audience, “I am equally pro-choice and pro-life.”

During a a student government panel discussion with pro-life groups, Dr. Gregory Fiebig, professor of Communication and Theatre, appeared to support legal abortion.

gregfiebig“I don’t know if you know what cognitive dissonance is. It’s somebody who holds two opposing views equally. I am equally pro-choice and pro-life. And that may drive people crazy,” he says in a video taken of the event. “This is our belief; that life begins at conception. It is not the world’s belief. And so, if we start telling the world how to live their lives, and hold them to a morality that we believe, that is a little bit akin to playing the Holy Spirit.”

When questioned about whether he would prefer to see abortion made illegal, the Christian university professor replies: “I am not prepared to go that direction right now.”

“What makes this claim so shocking is not the professor’s self-refuting position but that Dr. Fiebig is faculty at a university identifying as Christian,” the pro-life group Created Equal said in response. “This is the state of many universities affiliated with the Christian Church—having on staff professors who condone evils prohibited by the God they claim to follow. And this is why we must defend the truth even on these campuses.”

The video shows a pro-life speaker applying Dr. Fiebig’s view to sex-trafficking and human slavery to demonstrate middle ground is impossible. Seth explains, “Either we will defend their rights or we will say they are fit for being killed. There is no neutrality in this.”

In a letter Fiebig wrote after the panel discussion, he attempted to justify his position using the Bible, “As I explained during the forum, when it comes to the issue at hand, pro-life versus pro-choice, I am conflicted. I hold two seemingly divergent views, also known as Cognitive Dissonance. I am equally pro-life and pro-choice.”

ACTION: Contact Indiana Wesley University.