Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Mary Landrieu Misleads Voters on Abortion

State   |   Ben Clapper   |   Dec 2, 2014   |   6:44PM   |   Baton Rouge, LA

I have always believed that actions speak louder than words. Last night, that maxim came to mind once again.

During last night’s televised debate between Sen. Mary Landrieu and Congressman Bill Cassidy, Sen. Landrieu again misled the citizens of Louisiana about her record on abortion. She wanted you to listen to her words rather than pay attention to her actions.

marylandrieuAfter a question from a television reporter about the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, Landrieu denounced abortion, saying firmly, “I do not support abortion, period. I think it’s tragic.” She even went so far as to say, “I think abortion in almost any case is immoral.”

In the same breath, however, she defended her “pro-choice” position by stating that the government “should not make those decisions.” She would rather leave the decision to “the mother, the father, and the priest” in a “hospital room.”

If Sen. Landrieu believes abortion is immoral and tragic, then we have to assume it is because she believes that abortion is the unjust destruction of an innocent human life. There would be no other reason. If she believes this, how can she in good conscience turn around and say she does not want the government to be involved and protect these innocent lives?

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Sen. Landrieu’s “position” is incredibly inconsistent.

If you are truly opposed to abortion, then you should want to take the necessary steps to stop the tragedy. Instead of taking these steps, Sen. Landrieu’s voting record has made the unborn child more vulnerable to abortion. As Congressman Cassidy rightly pointed out in the debate, Landrieu has a 0% record since re-election with National Right to Life. Out of 15 votes (see her voting record at this link) that were important to the protection of these little human lives, Sen. Landrieu voted against the pro-life position every time. That does not sound like someone who believes abortion is a tragedy.

In fact, if we listen to her votes rather than her words, it makes us believe she firmly supports the abortion industry. She voted to allow government funding of abortion in Obamacare. She voted to allow Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business, to receive our tax dollars.

And last night, while admitting that the unborn child after 20 weeks is fragile, she still held to her position opposing the legislation protecting the unborn child at 20 weeks from the pain of abortion. The fragile state of these babies is exactly why we must pass this legislation. It is outrageous that a person who believes abortion is immoral would stand in the way of a common-sense law that would stop the horrendous practice of late abortion.

Throughout her answer last night, Sen. Landrieu referred multiple times to a “hospital” setting, wanting us to believe that the abortion decision is commonly made in consultation with a religious figure in a hospital setting. This shows us that Sen. Landrieu either understands very little about abortion or simply wants to paint a different picture for Louisiana voters.

The fact is the overwhelming majority of abortions are performed in facilities that only do abortions. They sell abortion to women. The “doctor” is there for the sole purpose of performing as many abortions as he or she can. And there is certainly no priest or religious figure in these abortion facilities.

Sen. Landrieu, of course, reminded us last night of her support for adoption, since she serves as the co-chair of the Adoption Caucus in Congress. But doesn’t Sen. Landrieu see that abortion facilities are systematically eliminating babies that could be adopted if they were just allowed to be born? Her “pro-choice” voting record is hindering parents seeking to adopt from receiving the blessing of baby.

Sen. Landrieu knows Louisiana is pro-life. Because of this, she must run from her own voting record that has helped the abortion industry destroy more innocent lives. She must make us believe one thing during election time and then turn around and do the opposite in Washington DC. But as the November 4 election results showed, the game doesn’t appear to be working any longer.

Sen. Landrieu needs to be reminded that actions speak louder than words. As our Senator, her actions through her votes have shown us that she believes the abortion industry should come before the innocent unborn baby.

If Sen. Landrieu truly opposes the tragedy of abortion, we call on her to renounce her past votes and to apologize to the citizens of Louisiana for all the votes she has cast that have furthered this unspeakable tragedy. Through that action, we can move forward and act to both promote adoption and bring an end to the tragedy of abortion.

LifeNews Note: Ben Clapper is the executive director of Louisiana Right to Life.