Woman Was Headed to Abortion Clinic But This Happened: “Thank God I Didn’t Abort My Baby”

International   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Dec 1, 2014   |   3:36PM   |   Washington, DC

As LifeNews previously reported, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) is calling for a law to move pro-life protestors ten meters or 33 feet away from abortion facilities in the United Kingdom.

The BPAS launched a campaign called “Back Off”, which asks the government to create access zones to prevent women from coming in contact with pro-lifers on the sidewalks. This measure would be similar to the “buffer zone” law abortion proponents passed in Massachusetts in 2007.

baby33However, earlier this year the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the law because the judges believed it was “inconsistent with the First Amendment,” and it “restricts access to ‘public way[s]’ and ‘sidewalk[s],’ places that have traditionally been open for speech activities.”

Additionally, peaceful pro-lifers save lives from abortion every day because they share with women that killing their baby isn’t their only option. In fact, one woman in the UK named Susan Briggs opposes the legislation because pro-life protestors changed her mind about abortion.

The BBC shares more:

“Last year I found out I was pregnant. I already had three children and didn’t think I could cope with another. I decided to go to terminate the baby so I booked an appointment. When I got there they gave me information about abortions, but there were campaigners waiting outside the door. They had some leaflets about abortions and they started talking to me. They had pictures of a foetus at eight weeks and they had pictures of aborted babies.

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They started preaching the word of God and telling me abortions aren’t good. I was really scared. I told them I had three kids already and I didn’t need this baby but they told me I didn’t have to go through with the termination. They told me God would help me and give me strength. They took me to a coffee shop, they bought me tea and I said I would go home and try to think about it. I tried not to listen to them, but they were praying for me and I was crying and shaking.

The way they talked to me gave me faith and their encouragement made me decide to keep the baby. I promised them I’d go to the doctor in a few days. They promised to come with me. They kept in touch and came to my home to encourage me. They kept checking I was ok. That kept me going.

Now I thank God I didn’t pass through that process. At eight weeks you can really see the leg is already formed, the head, the face. Then when I finally saw my daughter, I thought, ‘How could I have wanted to terminate this baby? She has given me joy and peace in my family. She has made me and my partner stronger.

The campaigners have also helped me by providing clothes for the baby. They don’t pressure you outside the clinics if you don’t want to listen. They’re just giving their opinion. They should be allowed to do it because some people will change their minds. If I didn’t listen to them, I would have regretted it all my life.

For me, abortion should be banned – everyone should stick to prevention to only have a baby when they’re ready. I want people to have the happiness and peace that I have. My daughter Miracle is now eight months and two weeks old. She’s standing, walking around the table on her own. She’s really growing fast. Everybody says she’s so cute. When they say that I thank God I didn’t do it.”

The particular group Briggs credits to saving her baby’s life is Abort67, which is a pro-life organization dedicated to making abortion unthinkable. The group clearly states on their website that they are against all violence and refuses even to work with individuals or groups that do not share their view. So while the British Pregnancy Advisory argues that pro-life protestors are threatening to women, it seems like all they are doing is sharing the truth about abortion and providing help to women in need.