She Had Two Abortions So Shouldn’t She be Pro-Choice? New Legislator is a Pro-Life Champion

State   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Nov 28, 2014   |   5:18PM   |   Austin, TX

Abortion advocates don’t know what to do with Rep–Elect Molly White, a pro-life woman in the Texas House of Representatives. In a recent article in a Texas newspaper, White shared more about her opposition against abortion.

She said, “We are women and we are designed to give birth, we’re designed to nurture, we’re designed to bond. It’s just nature, and when we violate that natural way of having a child and giving birth, it’s going to affect us.”

mollywhiteWhite explains that her pro-life views come after having two abortions of her own when she was in her twenties. Her abortions caused her years of mental suffering as well as cervical damage and a hysterectomy.

The Texas Tribune Reports:

“White, 56, is not shy about telling her story. With her first abortion, at 22, she says she felt staff at the clinic did not inform her of the risks; with the second, at 27, she says a doctor pressured her to go through with it even though she’d changed her mind, telling her it was too late to change course. Parental pressure was a major factor, too, she said; it took decades for the family’s frayed relationship to heal.

“I walked in self-condemnation after those abortions,” White said. “I became very hard-hearted, very angry.”

Along with two stillborn babies, White said, the abortions haunted her for more than a decade — even though she still considered herself “pro-choice.” It affected her ability to bond with her son, born in 1983, and her daughter, born in 1992, she said.

Soon after her daughter’s birth, White began volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center in Temple. Encouraged by others who worked there, she participated in the center’s first “abortion recovery program” — offered by many anti-abortion organizations to counsel women experiencing feelings of guilt or depression after the procedure.”

White also shared with LiveAction News why she believes the media shies away from covering stories of post-abortive women.

She said, “First, it [reporting on post-abortion aftermath] flies in the face of the propaganda that abortion is supposed to be safe, without consequence, and empower women, Secondly, women who speak out about the long term risks and consequences of abortion is a direct threat to those who are living in denial that their own abortions hurt them. Finally, those who support, condone and participate in the abortion movement and industry live under a tremendous weight of blood guilt. Facing their responsibility and guilt is too much to bear. I know, I have been there. That is why we must show the grace and forgiveness of Christ in our pro-life approach.”

Despite the fact that numerous female politicians like White have expressed their pro-life views, abortion proponents continue to push their “war on women” rhetoric. However, as LifeNews previously shared, after the pro-life victories in November, the mantra is pretty much dead.

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Pro-abortion Jessica Valenti shared in her article in The Guardian, 2014 was an election of firsts for Republican women. But it wasn’t a ‘win’ for women at all, outrageous reasons why she believes women politicians are pro-life. She said, “In a way, female Republicans almost bother me more than their male counterparts. I can almost understand why a bunch of rich, religiously conservative white men wouldn’t care about the reality of women’s day-to-day lives – they’ve never had to. But throwing other women under the bus? For what? Lower taxes? Three minutes on Fox News in the 3pm hour? It makes me wonder what is wrong with you.”

If Valenti seriously thinks Molly White (and politicians like her) is pro-life because she wants three minutes on Fox, she’s not listening or even trying to hear the voices of all women. The fact of the matter is women largely oppose abortion and countless women have come forward and shared that they regret their abortions.