Compassion and Choices Used Name From Brittany Maynard Sympathy Card for Assisted Suicide Petition

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 26, 2014   |   6:17PM   |   Washington, DC

A woman who says she signed a sympathy card for Brittany Maynard says the pro-assisted suicide group Compassion and Choices took her name from the card and placed it on a petition to legalize assisted suicide. The pro-life advocate says she never signed a Compassion and Choices petition to support legalizing assisted suicide.

compassionandchoicesIowa Right to Life supporter Katie Buck says she had her information stolen from an online sympathy card she signed for Maynard, the cancer patient who recently took her own life in an assisted suicide, which is legal in Oregon but not legal in most every other state.

“The organization called Compassion and Choices used an online sympathy card to steal the names of people all over America to use for their petition to legalize assisted suicide. This video contains undercover proof linking the sympathy card and the petition,” Buck tells LifeNews.

“Now that Brittany has passed away, the “sympathy card” has been replaced with a “condolences card” for her family. I have confirmed this “condolences card” will also get you on their petition. I have undercover proof of this as well,” she added.

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Buck talks about what happened in the video below: