Couple Adopts Two Brothers, Then Decides to Adopt All Six of Their Siblings

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Nov 25, 2014   |   7:16PM   |   Washington, DC

According to the Administration of Children and Families, on average, children stay in foster care for almost three years before either being reunited with their families or adopted. But unfortunately, almost 20 percent of children wait five years or more before being placed with a permanent family and it’s not uncommon to hear of children who’ve been placed in 20 or 30 different foster care homes.

This can be very difficult for children, especially since siblings are sometimes split between separate families. Children who have experienced this say it’s “an extra punishment, a separate loss, and another pain that is not needed.”

While there are some cases where separation is necessary, regardless of reason, siblings who are torn from each other have extra loss and difficulty in their life.

This is why Melissa and Scott Groves adoption story is so beautiful.

At first, the couple decided to foster two boys who were in difficult situations; however, they had no clue that before it was all said and done they would take all six of their siblings in as well.


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Their first foster children were two boys who needed emergency care: Noah, 3, and Chase, 22 months. They quickly formed a close bond and later legally adopted them.

But then they got a phone call that changed their lives. It was a foster care official, letting them know their new sons had a brand-new baby brother, who also needed care. And then a similar call, just 11 months later.

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“There was no question. How could I deny my sons and this new child the possibility of being together?” Melissa told the Daily Mail. She and Scott adopted the two other brothers, and then two more brothers after that. And then their birth mother reached out about adopting her unborn child, the family’s seventh son. Then, little Zayn was born last year, and suffered exposure to drugs in the womb and was diagnosed with Down syndrome as well.

“There was no question we would take him right away,” Melissa told KETV. Zayn’s adoption was made official on Saturday, which was National Adoption Day.

The Groves clan certainly grew beyond anyone’s expectations, but the parents say it’s one big, happy family with nine children total. “It’s crazy. We call it sweet chaos because that’s exactly what it is, always something going on,” Melissa told KETV.

Melissa concluded, ““For us, adoption was initially just a means to complete our family when having a biological child seemed impossible,” Melissa told the Daily Mail. “But it has become so much more to us. It has opened our eyes, widened the horizons of our family, enriched all of our lives and brought us so much love and happiness.”

Amazingly, many adoptive parents have positive things to say about adoption just like Melissa and Scott. National adoption statistics reveal that 9 out of every 10 adoptive couples believe their relationship with their adopted children is “very close” and they would “definitely” make the same decision to adopt again.