Abortion Activist: All Babies Conceived Accidentally Should Be Aborted

National   |   Sarah Zagorski   |   Nov 25, 2014   |   2:40PM   |   Washington, DC

Molly Corn, an abortion advocate at Vanderbilt University, wrote an article in The Vanderbilt Hustler titled “The hypocrisy of anti-abortion extremists.”

In the article she said, “Abortion is right. It is right because it is a means of allowing women immediate control over their own bodies and futures. It is right because we no longer live in a world where it is imperative to have children to ensure that humanity itself continues. It is right because every child deserves to be a gift, not an accident. It is right because bodily autonomy is the most basic form of justice.”

proabortion9Although Corn made a few unsound arguments in her statement about why abortion is “right”, the most ridiculous was her belief that if a child is an “accident” they should be aborted.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, every year in the United States there are 6.6 million pregnancies and of those, 51% are unintended or accidents. So, in other words, if Corn’s ideology was enforced over three million babies would be killed through abortion in one year’s time; that’s two million more than the current U.S. abortion rate of (approximately) one million each year.

Gabrielle Timm, a pro-life student at Vanderbilt, addressedCorn’s argument in a Letter to the Editor. She wrote, “I am adopted. To be more specific, I am the unplanned result of a one-night stand that likely involved alcohol. After my birth mother became aware of her pregnancy, my birth father wanted an abortion and she seriously considered that option for a while.

While I am an “accident,” I think it is possible to be both an accident and a gift. To my parents, who weren’t able to have biological children, I am a gift. To imply otherwise is insensitive and offensive to me, to my parents and to many adopted children and their parents, as well as to the courageous people who chose adoption over abortion.”

She continues, “The column states that the pro-life movement often makes adoption out to be “the easy choice.” My birth mother, and others like her, did not make an easy choice. But, to many people, adoption is the only moral solution to an incredibly difficult situation when a birth parent does not want to raise the child or is unable to do so. To interpret the pro-life position so superficially, or to state it as a fact, is a gross misrepresentation of the pro-life movement’s stance as a whole regarding adoption.”

Just like Timm, there are many babies who are conceived on “accident” but their biological mothers make the brave decision to place them for adoption. Unfortunately, there are also children born into families where they are literally unwanted and are suffering from abuse and neglect.

The reality is some of these children are placed in foster care and some have incredibly difficult lives; however, this doesn’t change the fact that abortion kills a unique human life and is always wrong. And since our society will never be completely free of all social ills, it’s imperative that the pro-life movement works to protect not only the unborn, but children who are threatened by unsafe families.

We need to show the world that abortion is not a solution for unplanned pregnancies or for ending the suffering of children; instead we should look to both adoption of infants and adoption of foster children as part and parcel of the pro-life cause.