Baby Girl Saved From Forced Abortion, Mom Hid From Chinese Officials for Months

International   |   Reggie Littlejohn   |   Nov 24, 2014   |   5:51PM   |   Beijing, China

Here is a girl for whom we are most thankful – MEIRONG (her name has been changed to protect her identity) – one of more than 100 girls saved by our “Save a Girl” Campaign.

Meirong’s parents are poor farmers in rural China. They already had a son, so they were not allowed to have a second child. Meirong’s mother got pregnant by accident. In China if a woman becomes pregnant without a birth permit – illegally pregnant — the Chinese government can force her to have an abortion up to the ninth month of pregnancy, unless she can afford to pay a fine as high as ten times her annual salary, an expense few can afford.

meirongMeirong’s mother did not want to abort her, so she was forced to hide herself in fear for several months. Unable to go to work with her growing belly, Meirong’s mother and her family, already poor, experienced even greater financial hardship.

Life was frightening – what would happen to Meirong’s mother if someone reported her? She could run away, but then the police could jail and torture her husband until she handed herself over to be forcibly aborted. And even if she could escape the brutal authorities, how were they going to live on so little money? Meirong’s parents wanted to keep her but they did not know how they could handle the burden imposed by the One Child Policy.

That is, until one of WRWF’s undercover fieldworkers heard about the suffering of Meirong’s mother and went to her home to offer hope. The fieldworker told her about our “Save a Girl” campaign and how we are helping families keep their daughters. Through the aid of one year of WRWF monthly stipends, Meirong’s family is defying the forces of a controlling government and poverty. Meirong’s mother proudly gave birth, and she and her husband are raising their little girl.

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Now, you see why we are so thankful to see her wrapped warmly and tenderly in her pink blanket.

Learn more about the “Save a Girl” Campaign to save girls from gendercide in China: Note: Reggie Littlejohn is the Founder and President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.